Monday, July 31, 2017

Labor Inches Towards a Truncated Palestine

Here is NSW state Labor's new Palestine resolution as moved by Bob Carr at the just-concluded NSW Labor annual conference:

1 Notes previous resolutions on Israel/Palestine carried at the 2015 ALP National Conference & the 2016 NSW Labor Annual Conference; and
2 Supports the recognition and right of Israel and Palestine to exist within secure and recognised borders; and
3 Urges the next Labor Government to recognise Palestine.

And here is Troy Bramston's coverage of the resolution's passing in The Australian:

"'As the oldest, the greatest, the biggest state branch we can't afford to be stranded in history,' Mr Carr said. 'It is time now for another historic shift in Labor Party foreign policy. We must balance our just recognition of Israel with the equally just recognition of Palestine.' Currently, 137 nations recognise Palestine as a state - but not the United States, Australia or New Zealand. NSW Labor's previous position was more conciliatory, stating that it would consult with other like-minded nations to work toward the recognition of Palestine if no progress toward a two-state solution was made with Israel. But now Labor NSW joins sister branches in the ACT, Tasmania and Queensland, the South Australian government and former leaders Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd in backing Palestinian statehood. 'You did the just and right thing by a crushed and marginalised people who aspire, within the rules, to something Israel has enjoyed since 1948 - and that is a land of their own,' Mr Carr said ahead of the vote. Only a single voice, from the hundreds of delegates packed into Sydney's Town Hall, could be heard voting against the motion.

"The NSW Labor Israeli Action Committee vowed to continue to oppose Mr Carr's 'obsessive campaign' and claimed it has successfully forced him to recognise Israel's right to exist. 'It was important to restore the balance and to fight for a two-state solution and Israel's right to exist within safe and secure borders,' LIAC patron Walt Secord said in a statement provided to AAP following the vote." (NSW Labor resolves to recognise Palestine, 30/7/17)

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