Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Another 'Clanking Colonel' Enters Federal Politics

Beware the entry of 'clanking colonels' (Bob Carr's phrase for Labor's Colonel Mike Kelly at the time of the 2003 Ashrawi affair) into Australia's federal parliament. It's yet another indication of Australia's appalling decline into USraeli-style reaction, bigotry and sabre-rattling:

"New Liberal senator Jim Molan is making no apology for using social media to share inflammatory anti-Muslim videos from Britain First - the same racist hate group Donald Trump was widely condemned for promoting. Labor has accused Senator Molan of stoking racism and bigotry and the Islamophobic Register of Australia says his actions are dangerous. Senator Molan admits that he cannot verify whether the videos are real [!!!] or whether they really show Muslim violence as Britain First claims but has strongly rejected the racism claims." (No apology by new senator, Adam Gartrell, Sydney Morning Herald, 6/2/18)

Now cop this from the man who has defended Israel's 2008-09 Operation Cast Lead, contributed to the Israeli propaganda offensive against the UN's Goldstone Report, perpetrated Operation Fury against the Iraqi City of Fallujah in 2004, and can see no difference between  a Palestinian resistance organisation such as Hamas and a global organisation such as al-Qaida:

"I've put my life on the line for major Islamic, Muslim countries in this world. And I find it deeply offensive that this cheapo back at me has come out on day one,' the former major-general told the ABC..."


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back on line Merc:)

Grappler said...

You're back! Fantastic. You've been missed.

Grappler said...

Which "major Islamic, Muslim countries" would the major general have put his life on the line for? Are we talking about Iraq? Do the Iraqis believe he was putting his life on the line for them?

It appears that many Iraqis preferred Saddam for all the human misery he caused to what Jim Molan and his fellow warriors replaced him by - all in the name of democracy and freedom of course.

Here is an interesting article - it should have Molan worried but I doubt it. His and indeed Australia's participation in one of the more egregious events of that disastrous and unnecessary war - the bombing of Fallujah - needs to be investigated.