Thursday, February 15, 2018

Caliphate 'Exactly Like Israel'

An oldie but a goldie:

Man: Why do Muslims need a caliphate? Why?
Man: OK, I'll give you an example: Israel, a Jewish state, and the one who wants to go and live in Israel, they go and live in Israel. They come from Russia, they come from Europe, they come from everywhere. They've got this Israeli state. Khilafah would be like a country. Exactly like Israel, and the Jews go to Israel from all over the world. It's not like what people think - they're going to be cutting hands, they're killing people and lashing women and men. No, it's not like that. Islamic khilafah, it's a very fair thing. It's very fair.

David Rutledge: More voices from the streets of Melbourne, talking there with Michael Nassar. (Dreaming of the caliphate, Encounter,, 11/10/14)

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