Friday, September 26, 2008

Bigfoot in Mouth Disease

A friend sent me this because he knows I'm one of Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan's greatest fans. I liked it so much I thought I'd pass it on in this post - followed by the very latest Sheridanism, hot off the presses, for you to cogitate upon:

"This afternoon, President Bush will address Americans and urge them to support his gazillion dollar economic bailout. The latest survey shows that 19% of Americans think that the sun revolves around the Earth. (If you were wondering, it doesn't.) 64% of people in the USA feel that aliens have made contact with humanity, 50% think that UFOs regularly abduct people, and 37% think that the Little Green Men are already in touch with the White House. A third believe in ghosts, 25% in reincarnation and 24% in witches. In fact, Americans (20%) are more convinced that communication with the dead is possible than that Bush is doing a good job; they consider it more likely (19%) that Bigfoot will be discovered than that W will successfully steward their economy. In other words, there's whacked out people across the USA, folks prepared to swallow the most preposterous nonsense - but they draw the line at George Bush. The Republicans would do better to find a witch prepared to speak up for their bailout. All this raises the question: what kind of flakes are the 19% of Bush believers? Well, there's Greg Sheridan at The Australian: 'Let me be the first to offer a bold, revisionist view. George W. Bush may well be judged, ultimately, a great president, especially in foreign policy, especially in the war on terror'. To be fair, Sheridan thinks that a recognition of Bush's true greatness might take twenty or thirty years. Perhaps by then Bigfoot will be president." (George Bush: proof there is life on Mars, Jeff Sparrow, editor of Overland)

To which I add this gem from Sheridan's latest (25/9/08) opinion piece in The Australian: "The US has many tasks in the world and the world is an infinitely better place when the US undertakes those tasks fully." (Financial crisis casts shadow on alliances)

And if you liked that, you'll also like my 29/1/08 post Greg Sheridan: In Praise of 'Great' Men.


Anonymous said...

One of the ways America can save money is stop giving money to the groveling Arabs $3 Billion each year to the Egyptians and $1 billion each year to the Jordanians for signing peace treaties with Israel for instance , how much the give the Peace loving Palestinians who knows.
Whilst they give the Israeli's about $3 billion at least they get some thing back like exchanges in Military technology and hardware ,a strong ally and most of all appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Even better, perhaps America could try to stop letting the interests of Israel be such a large factor in determining their policy in the region?

Or even, another of the ways America can save money is stop giving money to the groveling Israelis $3; Billion each year.

Just a thought.