Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hurricane Herzl

As predicted in my last post, the Sydney Morning Herald has borne the brunt of a Storm of Outrage by Zionist lobbyists following the mysterious appearance in yesterday's 'Yippee, It's Tzipi' editorial of the heretical suggestion that Israel's 'democracy' is not quite as 'vibrant' as the party line dictates.

God only knows what transpired since yesterday's editorialist unwittingly threw caution to the winds and blurted out the bleeding obvious. Did The Lobby send Juval the Avenger (see my 3/9/08 post The Israeli Mystique) around to rub him out? I'll leave it to your imagination. Whatever happened, it was certainly bloodcurdling enough to force today's editorialist to grovel big time: a whole new 'Yippee, It's Tzipi' editorial (Time for Israel to decide) on "Israel's extraordinarily vibrant democracy."

And this extraordinarily vibrant mea culpa: "[T]he point is that Israel is the Middle East's only democracy, and it abides by the rule of law. In our editorial yesterday, the Herald did not intend to imply that Israel's Jewish majority is in any way 'problematic' in itself. Indeed, it is the raison d'etre for the foundation and existence of the state itself. Israel's legitimacy as a Jewish state is beyond question. [Diversion Alert!] It is those who refuse to recognise Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, such as Hezbollah and Hamas, who are problematic by dealing themselves out of a constructive peace process. [Platitude Alert!] The issue, as ever, is whether Israelis and Palestinians will find the ways and means to live side-by-side in peace and security, each with their own homelands, each forging their own destiny. [Fawning Alert!] How to get to this goal, and how forthcoming Israel can be on issues like the settlements in the West Bank, are at the heart of political debate inside Israel - a debate which Israel is to be commended for holding."

An act of journalistic contrition like no other! But there's more! There, to the right, among the letters to the editor, nestled this little number from "Vic Alhadeff chief executive, NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, Darlinghurst (See editorial, left.)": "Your editorial attributes to Israel's ruling Kadima party 'the problematic idea that the Jewish majority must always dominate Israel'... This reflects a fundamental minunderstanding of the political realities. Israel is the state of the Jewish people and was established with international endorsement on that basis. While there are 22 Arab-majority states, Israel is the only state in which the Jewish people exercise their right to national self-determination [at the expense of the right to national self-determination of the Palestinian people]. Neither Kadima nor any other major party in Israel believes 'the Jewish majority must always dominate Israel'*. All those parties have long accepted that, as in any democracy, the majority rules, and that non-Jewish minorities, which have been present in Israel since it was established, have the right to live there as free and equal citizens. The tyranny of the majority is no more acceptable in Israel than in any other democracy." [*Well then, why not allow the Palestinian refugees of 1948 to return?]

It would seem that here we have a textbook case of a foreign lobby with the clout to reach into the editorial rooms of the nation's newspapers and, by means to which we are not privy, enforce compliance with its agenda. What an unseemly and disturbing spectacle.

The Lobby - 1, Press freedom - 0


Anonymous said...

The Arabs have all the oil wealth & hate America yet they still grovel to Americans for money for example just to arab countries , Egypt gets $1.5 Billion each and every year and Jordan gets $1 billion each and every year.. what a joke!

Egyptian Dissident Lobbies for Conditions on U.S. Aid - Nora Boustany
Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Egypt's most prominent exiled dissident, is lobbying members of Congress to attach conditions to America's $1.5 billion annual aid to Egypt to force the Cairo government to foster greater political and media freedoms and a more independent judiciary. In December, Congress passed a bill to withhold $100 million in military aid until Egypt stopped the smuggling of weapons into Gaza from Sinai, implemented judicial reforms and curbed torture by the state police. President Hosni Mubarak was enraged by the conditions. (Washington Post)

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Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
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September 23, 2008
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PA Daily Portrays Israeli Foreign Minister with Blood-Stained Knife - Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook (Palestinian Media Watch/IMRA)
The PA's official newspaper published a caricature Monday showing Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni with a dagger and blood-stained hands next to a white peace dove with its head in a noose.
View the Cartoon (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida-PA)

Poll: Palestinians Reject Two-State Solution (An-Najah University-PA/IMRA)
A poll conducted by the Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah University during 18-20 Sep. 2008 asked:
Do you support or reject the creation of two states (a Palestinian state and Israel) on the historic land of Palestine?
Support - 43%; Reject - 54%

Egyptian Ministry of Health Bars Israeli Drug - Roee Nahmias (Ynet News)
An Egyptian father whose young son suffers from cystic fibrosis had a letter published in Al-Ahram Saturday slamming the Egyptian Ministry of Health for its refusal to cooperate with Israel to help his ailing son.
According to the father, Israel is the only country in the world that produces a drug called Creon 1000 which serves as a substitute for one of the enzymes missing in those suffering from cystic fibrosis.
Though doctors recommended he obtain the medicine for his son, the Health Ministry said the drug cannot be imported from Israel as there is no direct cooperation between the two countries.
"This involves the life of a little boy, who suffers every day, and everyone is evading responsibility," wrote the father.

U.S. Aims to Boost Aid to Jordan (AP)
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Jordanian Foreign Minister Salaheddine Al-Bashir on Monday signed an agreement that would extend until 2013 a 48% rise in U.S. assistance to Jordan that the administration announced in January.
Jordan is to receive $660 million in aid each year - $360 million in economic support and $300 million in military assistance.

Michael said...

Good call.

Maybe they're masochists and set it up just so they could do the grovel.

Anonymous said...

Would America want Egypt to stop torturing folks? It's so useful to the secret rendition process.


Anonymous said...

you guys are a joke Egyptian Muslims use torture on fellow Muslims and its America's fault I guess it's not possible for the Egyptians that receive Muslim terrorists for integration to refuse to torture them.Once again it must be those pesky Zionists that are forcing the Egyptians to use torture.

get real Guys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I suppose the Americans could choose not to torture people, too, hey?