Thursday, September 18, 2008

Laying It On

Few people do bullshit better than Zionist propagandists:

"This month we celebrate the 80th birthday of a remarkable emissary to mankind, a man who has become the voice of the victims of the Holocaust and a champion of dignity for all people. In a world devoid of true heroes, Elie Wiesel has endured as a guardian of justice and compassion, becoming humanity's greatest moral witness, as well the official bearer of conscience and memory... Although his resolute commitment emanated from the pain inflicted on the Jewish people, Wiesel's crusades encircle the globe, enfolding all peoples and races, such as Nicaragua's Miskito Indians, the Vietnamese boat people, Darfur, Biafra, the suffering children of Cambodia or Bangladesh, Tibetans under Chinese rule, South African apartheid, the genocide in Kosovo, Guatemalan refugees and famine in Africa." (Happy Birthday, Mr Wiesel, Dvir Abramovich, The Australian Jewish News, 12/9/08)

All peoples and races?

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