Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jason Rocks!

Go Jason!: "In 1989, Mabhouh was part of a team of Palestinian resistance fighters who kidnapped and killed two Israeli soldiers stationed in the Gaza Strip. Israel either killed or arrested most of those believed responsible for the deaths, but Mabhouh got away." (Perfect execution points to Israel, Jason Koutsoukis, Sydney Morning Herald, 6/2/10)

My God, what mad courage possessed Fairfax's Middle East correspondent to cast off the 'militant' shackle, for so long now mandated and policed by Zionist semantic vigilantes, and fearlessly utter the proscribed 'r' word in such a context? What will our hero do next, bring back the 'o' word?

Will there even be a next time, or is Jason Koutsoukis now a marked man, forever condemned to look over his shoulder and block the door of his Jerusalem hotel room with heavy furniture? Jason, mate, whatever you do, don't open your door to a woman. Understand?


Anonymous said...

Give poor Jason a break,at least he managed the other 'K' word;KIDNAPPED. The notion of a "resistance fighter who kidnapped", rather than captured is a contradiction. This tell-tale word always points to the other 'O' word;OBEISANCE.

MERC said...

You're right about 'kidnapped'. Maybe Mossad will just kneecap him and leavr it at that.