Saturday, February 13, 2010

Israel's Errand Boy

United Nations members are divided into 5 regional groupings - African Group, Asian Group, Latin American Group, Eastern European Group, Western European & Others Group (WEOG). These groups nominate and vote for member states to join UN bodies such as the Security Council and the Human Rights Council. The WEOG also includes a subgroup of non-European (and two non-EU European) states, consisting of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Norway, and Switzerland. This subgroup is known by its acronym, JUSCANZ.

Plucky widdle Israel, the one with (bad) attitude and distinctive (dead) body odour, has, until now, been on the outside of the UN, pissing in as they say - the Arab and Islamic states in the Asian Group being understandably wary of the rogue's complete lack of respect for the territory of others and his habit of scent marking same and going straight for the jugular of anyone who comes near (although he has apparently had permanent membership in WEOG for UN activities in New York since 2004).

No longer, it seems. The lout is now inside, with his feet up, all bristles and barked orders, and will no doubt be pissing just about everyone off before too long, and - you guessed it - it's apparently all Australia's doing: "Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council's Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein said, 'Australia should be congratulated for its role in facilitating Israel's membership in [JUSCANZ]." Crossing his fingers, Rubes added, "'I hope this means Israel will finally be allowed to take part in all UN activities. For too long, Israel has been denied equal treatment at the UN. This is a small, albeit much delayed, step toward an end to the anti-Israel ground rules and hostile sentiment that has long prevailed in the halls of the UN'." (AIJAC congratulates Australia for its role in helping Israel achieve membership of UN subgroup,, 1/2/10)

Apparently, the bugger's world record of 79 fingers* to 79 Security Council resolutions so far is neither here nor there.

[*Rogue state: Israeli violations of UN Security Council resolutions, Jeremy Hammond, Dissident Voice, 27/1/10]

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