Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy Love

As the Psycho State spirals into a madness of its own making, and the dysfunctional nature of its relationship with its two fully sick bitches, the US and Australia, becomes increasingly obvious, its barking-mad attack dogs in the Murdoch press have been, quite literally, baying for blood. First there was Paul Howes telling us how it's in our interest to topple the democratically-elected (he prefers the adjective "vile") Hamas government "by any means necessary."* This was followed by Alan Howe telling us that Gaza's really just a stopover on Ozrael's march on Tehran: "This is the War on Terror. Iran is the terror. Its Gaza agents are the terrorists. We must kill them. And the next on the agenda is Iran's nuclear plant."**

[*See my 7/3/10 post The ACTU's Sarah Palin. **And my 10/3/10 post Ripples Three]

Now we've got Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, whose hots for Psycho only grow steamier with every finger, snarl and backhander directed at its bitches, penning one of his kookiest and kinkiest pieces ever: There's scope, and hope, for closer ties with Israel, The Australian, 18/3/10.

Here's the opener: "The Australia-Israel relationship, normally a byword for geostrategic stability and enduring human warmth, has had some stormy passages lately."

Enduring - human - warmth? You get it, don't you? The more abusive and obnoxious Psycho gets, the tighter the relationship Sheridan wants with him.

To that end, Sheridan, foreign minister Stephen Smith, and shadow foreign minister Julie Bishop (among unnamed others), attended the third of Melbourne businessman Albert Dadon's* Australia Israel Leadership Forum soirees on March 17. It's like: Passports? What passports? Apology? What apology? Getting to the bottom of... what was it now? All, it seems, has been forgiven and it's back to Ozraeli business as usual.

[*Now Gillard's boyfriend's boss. See my 13/2/10 post A Job for the Boy ]

Dadon's forum was held to push a wishlist, endorsed, Sheridan informs us, by none other than Psycho's Prime Minister Bibi himself. That's right, after playing fast and loose with her passport (sans apology of course), Psycho's now putting the hard word on its crazy little bitch down under to tart herself up for some serious down and dirty. What's that about chutzpah? Come on, this is looove!

According to Sheridan, Psycho's first wish is for "Australian military staff colleges [to] host Israeli officers." Enthuses Sheridan, "This is a brilliant idea. Our staff colleges routinely host Arab officers* and this is all to the good. We deploy a lot of Australian forces in and around the Middle East and, as a result, we have developed effective working relations with a number of Arab militaries. But we are a strategic and political ally of Israel." Now are you ready for the next sentence? "The absence of Israelis from these courses is a serious gap and has a small but ongoing effect on our military culture." Huh? Que?

OK, Psycho's calling for our military schools to be opened up to strutting Sharon wannabes, but for Sheridan that's simply not enough. No, the relationship's got to be closer than that: "Australia should have an annual or biennial [weekly, daily?] full strategic dialogue with Israel."

What a brilliant idea, Greg! Talk to that, will you, as Phillip Adams would say: "We do have very high level intelligence exchanges but, given the depth of our investment in the Middle East, we should also exchange deep and wide strategic views. We could learn something, and perhaps we could teach something. Our military work in Afghanistan is overwhelmingly among civilian populations, just as is most of Israel's military involvement. Operationally, ethically, in every way we have things to talk about."

Deep and wide? Forsooth, I'm blushing at the very thought!

But he's right of course. Face it, all we're doing in Afghanistan at the moment is dithering around shooting the odd kid (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5), paying blood money to their parents for the privilege, and trying to look useful to Uncle Sam. Yes, Psycho's got so much to teach us, such as (to borrow the words of Justice Goldstone) how to mount a "deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorise a civilian population." Hey, Goldstone! Mind if we pencil you in for another report down the track on our war crimes?

OK, and wish number 2 is? "[A] free trade agreement."

"This is also," oozes Sheridan, "a brilliant idea." But for Sheridan, isn't every idea of Psycho's brilliant? "Australian trade with Israel is small, just about $1 billion a year. But Israel is a world leader in innovation and commercialisation. We could and should do much more together." OMG, there he goes again - he's sooo forward!

Wish number 3: "Israel's experience with improving Bedouin health and Australia's struggle to do the same with Aboriginal health ought to be the basis for co-operation, comparison and mutual teaching."

Hm, this should go down a treat. Maybe something like this: "The first manifestations of the new transfer policy [ie moving Israel's Bedouin off their traditional lands in the Negev and into 7 reservations to make way for Jewish settlers] have already taken place. On February 5, government inspectors razed Tal al Milah Mosque in the Negev, after most residents had left for work, and before Bedouin representatives could appeal the demolition order. The Supreme Court ruled this demolition 'illegal' on March 4. On April 2, for the second time in a month, the Israeli government sent a fleet of crop-dusting planes from the Green Patrol, a paramilitary environmental unit, to spray toxic chemicals over Bedouin fields. Following the February dusting incident of houses and people in the village of Abda, residents rushed their children to the nearest medical centre, nearly 100 km away, in Mitzpeh Ramon. The doctors on duty refused to see any of the exposed individuals and agreed to examine them only after 2 hours of pressure from the community." (Israeli campaign against the Bedouins in the Negev,, 22/4/03)

Wish number 4 really has me scratching my head: "[A]uditing and giving life to the plethora of bilateral agreements that have become moribund through the years." The whaaat?

And how did all this go down with Smith?: "Smith reiterated at [the report's] launch that despite recent controversies [Controversies? What controversies?] there has been no change in Australia's deep friendship with and commitment to Israel. Smith did the right thing by accepting the report, committing the government to considering it seriously and reiterating Australia's support for Israel."

Finally, Sheridan's had a few things he wanted to get off his incredibly hairy chest: 1) Smith's comments on "1600 new housing units to be built in East Jerusalem" were "needlessly energetic" and an "overreaction." If you've ever heard the near comatose Smith on tele you'll get a laugh out of that one; 2) "No one seriously doubts that [Australia's slightly altered, now-you-see-it, now-you-don't, voting pattern at the UN] is an attempt, almost certainly forlorn, to curry favour with the Arab League in our quixotic and pointless quest for a non-permanent UN Security Council seat"; 3) The Obama administration "grossly overreacted" to the 1600 Israeli apartment announcement, and "dumped on the Israelis" because Obama wants to "redefine the US relationship with the Muslim world."

Oh, and that uppity US bitch "is developing a very bad tendency to constantly flatter its enemies in the fantastical hope of engaging and converting them, while abusing its friends, to show its even-handedness."

Now we shouldn't be "going down that same road," warns Sheridan. No, Australia should not only stand by her man, but (in the words of Joe Biden) leave "no space" whatever between herself and Psycho.

Oooh... sends shivers up and down me spine just thinking about it. Geostrategic stability and enduring human warmth indeed!

But none of the above should really surprise you. Please read my 29/4/09 post Join the Dots.

[*According to a paper by Rick Rozoff, Australian Military Buildup & the Asian NATO,( Australia hosts Pakistani officers. Of Arabs I can find no mention. Rozoff also tells us that Murdoch wants NATO to admit both Israel and Australia as full members.]

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