Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zionism: On A Wing & A Prayer

In her tilt at Jewish peoplehood denier Shlomo Sand, Age/Australian Jewish News columnist Julie Szego does us all a great service by revealing that the Zionist version of Jewish history is nothing more than intuition, uncritical assumption and fruity mythology:

"I'm not going to bother with any thorough demolition of Sand's theory; that's the easy bit. Most of us intuitively know it's flawed. As Halkin elegantly argues in The New Republic, Jewish peoplehood has been taken for granted throughout history by both Jews and non-Jews alike. You can't read the Bible without acknowledging its nationalist themes, and whatever the truth about the Roman expulsion, the loss of Jewish sovereignty and political power was the real issue. Every nationalist movement requires a pinch of mythology, and the Jewish version has more zest and endurance than most." (Post-Zionism exposed, AJN, 19/3/10)

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