Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ripples Three

The ripples continue to spread from Mossad's assassination of Hamas freedom fighter Mahmoud al-Mabhouh:

1) Propaganda postponed:

"Plans for a special screening of an Israeli-made film to MPs at Parliament House in Canberra have been put on hold amid fallout over the forged passport affair. The Israeli film, Noodle, was to be screened later this month at an event organised by the Australia-Israel Parliamentary Group and the Israeli embassy. Films are not regularly featured in Parliament, but politicians and media have been invited to the screening billed as a chance 'to celebrate Israeli culture'. But Israeli ambassador Yuval Rotem and the chairman of the parliamentary group, West Australian senator Glenn Sterle, decided the furore surrounding the use of forged Australian passports... made the timing unsuitable... This screening has been postponed until June... The film Noodle tells the story of an Israeli flight attendant, Miri, twice widowed as a result of Israel's wars." (Israelis use noodle to postpone film, Daniel Flitton, The Age, 4/3/10)

Hm... I wonder when the next Palestinian film is being screened at Parliament house.

2) Howard, Howes, Howe... What is it about this syllable?

Remember my definition of rambamming? To be sponsored by smooth-talking Israel lobbyists in Australia on a grooming session conducted by tough-talking PR people in Israel with a view to the sponsored adopting the missionary position for Israel when required in Australia. The author of what you are about to read, Herald Sun columnist, Alan Howe, was first rambammed in 2005 (courtesy of the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE)), was at it again in June last year (ditto), and, matters Ozraeli being what they are at the moment, has been pressed into service to divert us all with his trademark shockjockery:

(a) Brain-squirming hatred for Palestinians/stomach-churning love for Israelis...

"Here are the latest scores in the war on terror... Israelis 1, Palestinians 0. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a virtueless scrap of humanity, is dead. All good so far. But how he died and who killed him have now become the story. On the evening of January 19, 4 people entered the Palestinian's room at the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel using an electronic device that decoded Mabhouh's pass. The assassins ambushed their target, injected him with a paralysing sedative and then suffocated him using a pillow. It was all over in 10 minutes. Nothing in the room was disturbed. The killers left calmly, leaving the door locked - from the inside. The agents - and another 23 colleagues who joined them as plotters, spotters and decoys - then headed for the airport, flying to Asia and Europe. That's a slick operation. You have to stand in awe at the audacity of the planning and the courage of the men - and one woman - who volunteered for it... Al-Mabhouh had been gloating recently about how he killed 2 Israeli soldiers in 1989. He had a brain-squirming hatred for the Israelis who claim evidence that he spent his days smuggling rockets into Gaza. Ever since the Israelis retreated from their territory and left the locals to their own devices Gazans have thanked their neighbours with an almost ceaseless volley of deadly rockets. Just days off turning 50, al-Mabhouh knew he was a worthy target for assassination. Usually, he travelled with a team of bodyguards, but they couldn't get seats on his flight, which was said to be the first leg of a weapons-buying trip to Thailand." (We're safer, why argue?, Herald Sun, 7/3/10)

(b) Mossad, like, shits all over our security services...

"[W]e sent a small team from the Australian Federal Police to investigate the passport issue. Uh-oh. That's asking for trouble. Yet to recover from the laugh-a-minute leadership of Mick Keelty, the ALP is capable of almost anything. Within hours of arriving in Tel Aviv, these keystone clowns had screeched out of the underground car park beneath the Australian embassy there, hit a woman riding a bicycle and sped off. The Mossad team also can be said to have done a hit and run, but I know who I'd want looking after my interests... If Australia's security services had to defend Israel, surrounded as it is by Arabs who attack it regularly and who with a few Persian nutters running Iran - all of them united under the Koran - now plan its nuclear destruction, Israelis would clog their country's airports seeking a quick exit. Even that brave people would know the game was up." (ibid)

Sorry to mention this Alan, but the car was "being driven by the Australian embassy's Israeli driver..." not your "keystone clowns." ('Monty Python' AFP team slammed after hit-and-run, Jason Koutsoukis, SMH, 5/3/10)

(c) Ah yes, those Persian nutters. Mabhouh was just a proxy. Gird your loins for the coming sedation and smothering of Tehran:

"Security in Israel is no joking matter. Except to the United Nations, which last year hosted a conference against racism unforgivably inviting the unpredictable Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak. He ranted about how the Holocaust never happened [1] - he doesn't want anything overshadowing the modern nuclear holocaust he plans. [2] It's bad enough that the UN cannot get international action to make a rogue state such as Iran adhere to its Non-Proliferation Treaty on nuclear weapons. [3] So, mostly alone [4] but always threatened, Israel is forced to police its own future. Its defence must always be in its own hands. That's why, on a Sunday afternoon in June 1981, using US-provided satellite pictures it sent in its American-made fighter jets to bomb and destroy Iraq's Osirak nuclear facility just outside Baghdad. The nuclear plant - being built using technology supplied by the West's most unreliable 'ally', France [5], was near completion, but was to have been used only for the peaceful generation of power. Saddam Hussein had promised. At the time, Israel's critics condemned it for trying to be the region's police, and pointed out that it had long been suspected that Israel itself was moving towards becoming a nuclear power. Golly, why would it be doing that? [6] Quietly, over the years, after having breathed a sigh of relief, most of the world came to understand what a favour that little country had performed for them. [7] These days attention has turned [8] towards Iran and its development of a nuclear program. This, too, is to generate power. Then why hide it at terrific expense under the desert? Gaza is an Iranian proxy state where that country's hate for the West is played out in fights against Israel. [9] This is the War on Terror. Iran is the terror. [10] Its Gaza agents are the terrorists. We must kill them. [11] And next on the agenda is Iran's nuclear plant." [12] (ibid)

[1] No, he didn't, Alan. See my 23/4/09 post Australia Dumps on Durban 2
[2] If he's planning to nuke Israel, that means he's planning to nuke Palestine as well. Go figure.
[3] At least Iran has signed the NPT. Israel?
[4] Apart from a certain superpower.
[5] France, eh? You mean the same unreliable country that had developed a nuclear weapons program with Israeli input in the 50s, and went on to help Israel develop its own in the late 50s/early 60s?
[6] Notice the implication that Israel was moving towards becoming a nuclear power because of Saddam - who didn't become president of Iraq until 1979.
[7] Evidence?
[8] Shouldn't that be has been turned?
[9] Gazans couldn't possibly have their own grievances against Israel, now could they?
[10] Iran is the terror? So Iran is dispossessing and occupying another people? Throwing cluster bombs and white phosphorus around like confetti? Dispatching death squads to the 4 corners?
[11] We - we - must kill them?
[12] I'm confused. Whose agenda? Our agenda?

Hm. Here's a question for you, dear reader. Which Australian churnalist do you think wrote the article Richard Pratt: Paragon of Philanthropy for the AICE magazine Rhapsody: Linking Culture between Israel & Australia, Jan-Mar 2008?

3) Yet another Ozraeli innocent whose life will now be shattered - shattered! - by the (ahem) theft of his passport. How much more of this can these brave people take?

"The latest Australian thought to have had his identity stolen [!!!] by the team behind the Dubai assassination of a Hamas commander is an old friend of another Melbourne man named as a suspect last month. On Saturday Joshua Aaron Krycer became the latest Australian living in Israel to be caught up in the fallout over the January hit that has sparked a diplomatic storm between Israel and many of its allies. Mr Krycer's friend, Joshua Daniel Bruce, was named 2 weeks ago along with 2 other people from Melbourne as suspects in the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh." (Identity theft case grows as another Australian named, Reid Sexton, The Age, 10/3/10)

What a coincidence!

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Anonymous said...

"the West's most unreliable 'ally', France"

interesting that he does not regard France as PART of 'the West' - it is only an unreliable ALLY of it.

this thing called 'the West' seems to be much smaller than i imagined - or at least is shrinking. one suspects that if this goes on long enough, 'the West' will consist of nothing but alan howe himself.