Friday, May 21, 2010


"The Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union [CFMEU] has become the first major Australian union to boycott all Israeli-made goods produced in the occupied Palestinian territories. The union's executive voted this week to join the international Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions [BDS] campaign aimed at the 'illegal' settlement policies of the Netanyahu government. The campaign's goal is to prevent 'Israel's normalisation until it abides by its obligations under international law'. The CFMEU said it would push for the entire Australian union movement and the Labor Party to join the boycott." (Union boycotts Israeli goods, Sydney Morning Herald, 20/5/10)

Note the Herald's placing of quotation marks around the word illegal as though the matter were in dispute. Pathetic!

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Anonymous said...

From the organs chanting mantra like the words "International Community" whenever they seek to boost the bandit state or its policies.In fact the whole international community regards these settler colonies as illegal.These days it is only worth buying a newspaper to observe what they fail to print or how they spin what passes through the sub editors filter.Congratulations CFMEU.