Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking the Mickey (Mouse)

"'Love between man and woman is not a hoax', writes [Ayaan] Hirsi Ali, one of whose complaints against Islam is its insistence on unattainable behaviour. 'The perfect religion, the perfect God, the infallible prophet, the manual of right and wrong - you can't think of anything more Disneyfied than Islam', she tells me." (Love brings critic of Islam back for more, Tony Allen Mills, The Sunday Times/The Australian, 15/5/10)

When I first read the above, I admit, I was sceptical. Was Christianity, for example, any less Disneyfied than Islam?

To answer this vital question, I consulted 4 of Australia's most eminent Christian leaders: Cardinal George Pell, Reverend Fred Nile, Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church and Catch the Fire Ministries' Danny Nalliah.

And you know what (as the PM would say)? They were unanimous in their view that the Mickey (Mouse) should be taken out of Christianity, and spoke as one, and at length, about Christianity's innumerable flaws, God's many imperfections, Jesus' complete and utter fallibility, and how Christianity had jettisoned all notions of right and wrong as outmoded thinking. They left me in no doubt whatever: now I can't think of any religion more unDisneyfied than Christianity.

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