Friday, September 3, 2010

Mission Accomplished

"For 20 years I have watched as my country, the land of my father and mother, my ancestors, disintegrated before my very eyes, 20 fucking years! Twenty years of people at first wilting, like flowers robbed of light, unable to turn their faces to the sun, then fading away into the shadows, bombed, massacred, ground into nothingness, the same nothingness that inhabits you every day of your lives, the same nothingness that makes you rush to your shrink, the same nothingness that you feed with your junk, the same nothingness of the pit you live in, and that I vomit up from the pit of my stomach.

"So you 'sacrificed' for us, 'liberated' us from 'tyranny'? 'Lived up to your responsibilities'? As in Falluja, Haditha, Mahmoudiya, Baghdad, Basra, Mosul, Ramadi? 'Kill the motherfuckers!' you shouted, while your wives masturbated to your love letters or shed a few tears waving that infamous flag of yours, the flag of a degenerate, decaying land that has nothing to offer but carnage and mayhem. You 'liberated' us from 'dictatorship' - with a Hiroshima and a Nagasaki to the power of 5. You 'liberated' us until there was no more room left in the morgues, and seven and a half years later we're still searching for our dead. You 'liberated' us until our streets turned into rivers of blood and our mosques became torture chambers where those 'hajjis' (as you call them) had their eyes torn out and their flesh drilled. You 'liberated' us so that we could be abducted, raped and murdered for a thousand dollars or for wearing lipstick. You 'liberated' us so that our bodies could float down the Tigris and Euphrates, mutilated, unrecognisable. You 'liberated' us all right, stuffing us into prison cells, showering us with your piss and excrement or handing us over to your mercenaries, pimps and whores in turbans, while you screwed the prostitutes specially delivered to you in your Green Fortress, while we lived in the walled ghettos that you constructed for us."

(Edited extract from Layla Anwar's Vomiting perfidy,, 2/9/10)

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