Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round Round Get Around... 4

They get around:

"Donald Perera, who served as Sri Lankan chief of staff during the offensive that ended in the Tamil rebels' surrender after almost 30 years... has since been appointed Sri Lanka's ambassador to Israel... 'I was familiar with Israel before coming here', he tells Yediot Ahronoth daily. 'In the framework of my previous positions as airforce commander and chief of staff, I had a great relationship with your military industries and with Israel Aerospace Industries. For years Israel has aided our war on terror through the exchange of information and the sale of military technology and equipment... Our airforce includes 17 Kfir warplanes, and we also have Dabur patrol boats. Our pilots were trained in Israel, and we have received billions of dollars in aid over the past few years. This is why I asked to be assigned to Israel - a country I consider to be a partner in the war against terror. Many Sri Lankans admire Israel', says Perera... After noting the similarities between the Tamil Tigers and Hamas, Perera says Sri Lanka is a staunch supporter of Israel's fight against terror. 'No one wants bloodshed. The other side should be offered direct negotiations, without preconditions, to determine its level of seriousness. These talks should focus on trying to reach a compromise that would allow both sides to sign an agreement', he says. 'In case the other side shows it is not interested in the compromise, (Israel) must move onto the military phase with full force. (The government) will have to explain to the citizens that Israel is headed for a long and difficult struggle that will exact a heavy price, but at the end of this struggle the country's situation will be much better', says the ambassador. 'Once you have the public support, you should fight relentlessly until all of the terror hubs are destroyed. There is no going back'." (Sri Lankan ambassador: We back Israel's war on terror, David Regev,, 21/7/10)

"An Israeli man was arrested Friday for allegedly running an organ trafficking network in the Ukraine, Army radio reported... According to the report, the network operated for over 3 years and recruited donors via the Internet. Most of the donors were young women who agreed to sell a kidney for $10,000. The organs were then allegedly transferred to Israelis in need of a kidney transplant, which cost over $200,000, said the head of the Ukrainian organization for combatting human trafficking... Ukrainian police estimated that the network made a gross sum of $40 million..." (Report: Israeli suspected of running Ukraine organ trafficking ring, Haaretz, 6/8/10)

"A man the US deems one of the worst offenders among sellers of stolen financial data has been arrested in France. Vladislav Horohorin, 27, of Moscow and a dual Israeli and Ukrainian citizen, was arrested at the weekend in Nice on a US warrant... The US believes the suspect is one of the founders of CarderPlanet, a criminal internet forum for selling stolen credit card data. 'The network created by the founders of CarderPlanet, including Vladislav Horohorin, remains one of the most sophisticated organisations of online financial criminals in the world', said US Secret Service assistant director for investigations Michael Merritt. 'This network has been repeatedly linked to nearly every major intrusion of financial information reported to the international law enforcement community'." ('Credit card crime king' caught, AFP/The Australian, 13/8/10)

"Act's hard line law and order spokesman MP David Garrett has told [the New Zealand] Parliament he created a false identity by applying for a passport in the name of a dead child 26 years ago... Mr Garrett said he had applied for the passport as a prank - to see if it could be done - and had never used the passport, which had since expired. Mr Garrett was arrested years later as part of an investigation into bogus passports, conducted by the police in the wake of the discovery Israeli Mossad agents had used the same method to obtain New Zealand passports. He was discharged without conviction in 2005 and given permanent name suppression..." (Act MP Garrett admits creating false identity, Adam Bennett,, 15/9/10)

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the Israeli's were arming and training both sides in that conflict. So I think it is more likely to be money or perhaps ideology that attracts him to Israel.