Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zionist Chameleon

In Australia, Harry's grey as:

"It's simple, says Harry Triguboff, Sydney has too much green and not enough grey, and if you want to look at trees - well, go climb a mountain. The views of the Meriton boss, Australia's biggest property developer, are likely to outrage conservationists - particularly his declaration that Sydney has 'too many forests and parks. You go north and we have all these reserves and you go south and you have all these reserves, and they are the best part of the coast. That is crazy. We should be building on this area', he said. 'If they want to see trees, they can go to Katoomba, there are plenty of trees there'." (Triguboff: let's trade trees for homes, Andrew Clennell, Sydney Morning Herald, 11/10/06)

But in Israel, he undergoes an amazing change of colour:

"Harry Triguboff is the best possible example of a Jew, Zionist, and human being', said Jewish National Fund (JNF) World Chairman Efi Stenzler at a ceremony dedicating the newly expanded open theater of the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC)* on Tuesday, September 14 which has been named in honour of Mr Triguboff's myriad of contributions to the State of Israel... Harry Triguboff, a resident and citizen of Sydney, Australia and a property developer by profession, has for many years been closely connected with JNF Australia**, JNF and the State of Israel. Over the years there have been a great number of worthy beneficiaries of his generosity. His contributions include water reservoirs and facilities, forests and forest rehabilitation, ecological summer camps, river rehabilitation aside from many projects that he has contributed to through other organizations." (New amphitheater dedicated to Harry Triguboff at the IICC, jpost.com, 19/9/10)

[* That's right, a Mossad museum! **For aficionados of greenwash, see my 14/6/08 post A Certain Jewish Tree Planting Group]

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