Saturday, December 24, 2011

Making Deserts Bloom 2

The following report should be compulsory reading for Christians at this time of year. Astonishingly, too many need reminding that the Zionist Grinch is stealing Christmas, dunum by dunum:

"If Joseph and Mary were making their way to Bethlehem today, the Christmas story would be little different, says Father Ibrahim Shomali, a parish priest in the town. The couple would struggle to get into the city, let alone find a hotel room. 'If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed', says the priest of Bethlehem's Beit Jala parish. 'He would either have to be born at a checkpoint or at the separation wall. Mary and Joseph would have needed Israeli permission - or to have been tourists. 'This is really the big problem for Palestinians in Bethlehem: what will happen when they close us off completely?'... A strip of Israeli settlements built on 18 square kilometres of what was once northern Bethlehem threatens to cut the city off from its historic twin, Jerusalem... One of the settlements, Har Homa, is built on land where angels are said to have announced the birth of Christ to local shepherds. A narrow corridor of land between Har Homa and another settlement, Gilo, still connects Bethlehem to Jerusalem, but the construction of Givat Hamatos, a settlement announced in October, will fill this in a matter of years." (If Jesus was born today 'Bethlehem would be closed', Phoebe Greenwood, Guardian/SMH, 24/12/11)

But none of this should come as any surprise. From the very moment Lloyd George and Lord Balfour, in a fit of madness, unleashed the Zionist movement on an ill-prepared and unsuspecting Palestine in the 1920's, the malign makeover of the Holy Land proceeded at an unholy pace, with scant regard for the ecology, either environmental or spiritual, of the place - as doughty Christian missionary Frances E. Newton bore witness at the time:

"The [1922] Rutenberg scheme [for the electrification of Palestine] has so far been dealt with from the point of view of its political reaction in the Arab world. But there is another aspect of it which should not be lost sight of. Christendom too has its deeply-rooted interests in Palestine. Are these interests also menaced by the industrialisation of the Holy Land? Admittedly the enterprise is a step forward in the process of developing the amenities of civilised life and has benefited the Arabs as well as the Jews; but this is only a plea in its favour, for, as an Arab quoted in an article which appeared in the Observer some little time ago: 'Man doth not live by bread alone'. Rider Haggard wrote, in a letter to The Times of December 11th, 1917: 'Material progress in general has to justify itself in such cases. It is not enough to show that such and such an undertaking means progress for the beginning of work upon it to be at once licensed. Christians as well as Jews have interests in the Holy Land and, where Palestine is concerned it has, and forever will have, its God-given traditions and its inalienable rights.

"Surely one of these rights claims the safeguarding of sacred sites, the spiritual value of which is a focal point in the life of Christians throughout the world. When a friend of mine pointed out to a prominent Zionist that Christian sentiment was being outraged by the desecration of the shores of the Lake of Galilee as the result of the activities of the Electric Power Station in the Jordan Valley, the answer he received was, 'All development involves vandalism; that is inevitable'.

"The Power Station may be - as is claimed by the Zionists - a great engineering feat; it is none the less a horrible blot on a lovely landscape. It harnesses the waters of the river Yarmuk flowing down from the highlands of Gilead to the east, with those of the Jordan, half way in their courses to the Dead Sea. In the spring, after heavy rains of the winter, and when the melting of the snow on Mount Hermon causes the Jordan to 'overflow its banks all the time of harvest' (ie, in May and June for the region is semi-tropical) more water is available than is required, while, during the later summer months the supply is not sufficient. This called for the erection of a dam where the Jordan flows out of the Lake of Galilee, in order to control the supply from that source; less in the winter, more in the summer.

"When closed in the winter the dam holds up the water thus causing a rise of several feet in the level of the Lake, and the river Jordan loses its character of a swift flowing turbulent stream, and becomes a mere trickle in its almost dry bed, while huge deposits of mud dredged from it top its banks on either side. A modern St. John the Baptist would find himself very much out of place! The rise in the level of the Lake not only causes the inundation of houses by the Lakeside in the town of Tiberius, but also that of not inconsiderable areas round its shores which have for generations been cultivated by Arab peasants.

"When opened in the summer and autumn months, water is drawn from the Lake as required, thus reducing its level and leaving large stretches of hard sunbaked crinkled mud around the shores and, what is more, the lowest level of the dam lies deeper than the bed of the Lake itself, so that - though in its own interests it is not likely to do so - the Company could, if its electrical requirements called for it, drain the Lake dry.

"The alterations in the Lake level affect not only the human population, they bring consternation also among 'the humbler creation', for the fish which, in their multitudes, used to swarm from the Jordan into the Lake for spawning purposes, can no longer do so, and the eggs of those already in the Lake, which are laid in the shallow waters round its edge, become dried up when the water recedes. Arab fishermen have already found their means of earning a livelihood so seriously interfered with that some have given up their craft. It may not be long before the industry hitherto carried on in much the same manner as when, in the days of our Lord, He called His disciples to be 'fishers of men', may disappear altogether.

"It is, therefore, not going too far to say that the 'inevitable vandalism' which accompanies the industrialisation of the land results in the desecration of sites and scenes hallowed by 'those holy feet', which it is surely one of the inalienable rights of Christians to preserve." (Fifty Years in Palestine, 1948, pp 206-207)

Merry Christmas...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas indeed Merc.
Now you have become an engineer, and expert geologist as well.

Be honest and admit you have absolutely no interest in the damming or not , the water levels or lack of it in the jordan valley unless you have a chance at another propaganda thrust against israelis, and israel.

But lets talk Christmas.
and lets talk history and religion in context of fact, not grubby propaganda from Phoebe Greenwood of the Israel hating Gurdian, and the communist Tribune.

Joseph and Mary (Miriam) as Israeli Jews are too afraid to go anywhere near Bethlehem because it has become a focal point of extreme hostility and total disregard of other monotheistic religions.
Take the Muslim gunmen a few Christmases ago, who stormed the Church of Nativity and started shooting all and sundry.
So much for the empty respect of Christian holy sites by Muslims.

Just as the Jordanians--the so called moderates, who for almost 20 years whilst in charge of Old Jerusalem, used the bricks and stones of hundreds of years old synagogues to build the soldiers' latrines.Respect indeed, and Muslim respect in action.

So now Bethlehem, which for over one thousand years was a Christian town, has been overrun by fanatical Muslims.
After 15000 Christians have been forced to flee from hostile Muslims, the town only has one third Christian population left.
Indeed do not bother looking at the map of the Old jerusalem anymore because the old Christian Quarter has been squeezed out by Muslims as well.
Armenians are the last holdout where a monastery still functions.

Dream on Merc with your empty hopes of "decolonization'? as you so clinically call it.

Whatever base emotions drive you,be assured they are wasted.

Happy Christian Christmas---as 2% of Palestian Arabs will join in --that still remain before being ousted by the belligerent and intolerant Muslim hegemony.

MERC said...

Dear anon,

On behalf of Phoebe Greenwood and myself, and by way of Christmas cheer, I offer you this humble and heartfelt apology, adapting the lyrics of the great Louden Wainwright III:

Call me Mr Guilty. Mr Guilty's my name. Without a doubt it's all my fault. I am the one to blame. You say that you're unhappy. I do believe it's true. Cause I'm the one, the no good bum, who did it all to you. All your tears and logic, you know they finally made me see. I deserve the shame. I deserve the blame. The guilt belongs to me. Yes, Israel's innocent. And pure. Pure as the driven snow. Israel's been had. I'm a cad. At least at last I know.

Anonymous said...

is that all you have merc?

why not answer the facts that whip across your eye level so obviously?

cheap sarcasm.....and avoidance of the facts.

tut tut.

no one blames you poor merc.especially not for the lack of comeback when confronted with facts--yes , its good to give--that is easy hey merc.

but having a glass jaw....well i had hoped for more from you...but then this time you can be excused---too much Christmas cheer.

Again another day.....

and ps---not any person, not any country, not any existing entity is pure as the driven snow.

But then the zionist concept of national determination for jews on an equal footing to 20 other arab-and muslim countries and any other national group of separate religion, language, history, territory, and culture--that is indeed a concept that stands strong
regardless of nitpicking detractors.

oh by the way, what has been the unique palestinian language,
religion, culture,history?
what was their long standing capital city?
what was their currency?
what were their ancient or not so ancient poets?
and exactly who are the current palestinians since it originally referred to the Jews in the 1930s and 1940s pre israel.and who as lately as 1957 were decribed in the united nations by the leader of the PLO Shukeiry, as "southern syria!!."


MERC said...

Cheap sarcasm? Me? Give me a break! And there's something else I have to disagree with you on, you crypto-Palestinian supporter, Israel IS as pure as the driven snow! Nay, purer. In fact, the purest. How can you deny it? The facts, as always, speak for themselves. I won't tolerate any more of your vile suggestions that Israel is anything less than 100%, clarified purity, OK?

Anonymous said...

These non answers,

and oh so witty responses(wish I had the cerebrum for it!!!)
should be labelled as......


please DO carry on......

MERC said...

There's no pleasing you, is there? I began by being a 'nitpicking detractor', but, thanks to those 'facts' of yours, have now seen the light (of Zion that is), but you're still not happy. What else would you have me do? Go and battle the 'belligerent and intolerent Muslim hegemony' in the streets of Bethlehem?

Anonymous said...

oh no merc.
you do so well as a couch potato battling those nasty zionists and fishkillers of the gallillee.

just carry on,,,,,,,

MERC said...

At last... some approval!