Thursday, December 15, 2011

What a Buzz!

They were busy little bees back in 1922, just beginning to whip Palestine into shape:

"Such, in bare outline, are the terms of this Concession granted to [Pinhas] Rutenberg in 1922 [for the electrification of Palestine]; and now we turn to the manner in which it was granted. But here let it in all fairness be said that if patient perseverence in pursuit of the object aimed at deserves recognition, then the Zionists deserved the recognition they met with. For with the activity displayed by bees in the high tide of the honey flow, the Zionists contacted with British politicians and flitted from flower to flower gathering pollen as they flew, with the punctilious attention to preliminary detail shown by bees, in preparing the necessary documents for presentation to the British Government. No one would cavil at the successful result of unceasing toil and clever strategy on the part of the Zionists in their application for the grant of this concession, if Whitehall had examined it with scrupulous regard for the 'absolute impartiality' promised to the people of the country as a whole. But did it do so?" (Frances E Newton, Fifty Years in Palestine, 1948, p 198)

And they're just as busy today, whipping up support for Israel, aka engaging with key sectors to advance social harmony:

"A modest farm at Bingara, 300 kilometres east of Coffs Harbour... will become a haven for Israel Defence Forces (IDF) graduates and Israeli backpackers if Ralph and Jo Waters' dream comes to fruition. The Waters, who are devout Christians, recently spent 6 weeks in Israel and wanted to help Israelis who defend their country. 'We met many wonderful people there and we became aware of the outrageous injustices being perpetrated against the people of Israel across the world and the siege against the Jewish people', Ralph Waters told NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBOD) chief executive Vic Alhadeff in Bingara last week... Alhadeff met the couple while addressing the Israeli Awareness Group at the Christian Outreach Centre in Narrabri last Tuesday night as part of the JBOD's latest bridge-building tour to Narrabri, Coonabarabran, Gunnedah and Tamworth... The bridge-building tour comprised a total of 24 engagements - meeting Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and political leaders at state and local government level, speeches to Rotary clubs, radio and newspaper interviews and school presentations on the Holocaust, the Arab-Israeli conflict and Jewish practice. Alhadeff said... 'It was vital to engage with key sectors throughout regional NSW in order to enhance understanding of Jewish people, Jewish issues and Israel, and in so doing advance social harmony'." (NSW couple to set up IDF getaway, The Australian Jewish News, 9/12/11)

Coming soon to a key sector, aka church/politician/Rotary club/radio/newspaper/school, near you. Brace yourselves for a spot of social harmony, aka Israel/Zionism 101. Or, alternatively, tell these self-described bridge-builders that Israel's a bridge too far and ask them to buzz off.


Anonymous said...

Just a note of support. I'm sure you have many readers but you do not appear to attract many comments. Likely this is because your readership simply nods in silent agreement, as I generally do; but this time I thought it was time to say thanks for all of your magnificent work and effort. It is appreciated. Thanks!

MERC said...

Thanks for your kind comment. Re the 'silent agreement', my thoughts exactly.