Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally, an Honest Politician!

An honest Australasian politician:

"Two women have won seats in Papua New Guinea's elections so far, doubling the number of women MPs. The journalist, poet and singer Loujaya Toni, 46, won a seat in Lae... Ms Toni, who has a master's degree in communications, dropped to her knees when the result was announced and sang a song of praise to God in Hebrew, the Port Moresby newspaper The National reported. 'I have no blood on my hands. I did not bribe anybody. I come with clean hands,' she said. 'My heart is singing hope so loud right now!'" (PNG tally of women MPs rises to two and counting, Hamish McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald, 25/7/12)

Notice I said Australasian and not Australian. That was deliberate. No Australian politician possesses the spontaneous honesty of a Loujaya Toni MP. With our lot, you've really got to do some digging to expose the Zionist within. The most you'll get out of the Australian ms media is an occasional hint. It's all sooo very elephant-in-the-room, know what I mean?

Take Christopher Pyne for example. We all know he's got the hots for Israel, so why isn't he shouting it from the rooftops? Or at least wearing an Israeli flag badge on his lapel?

Now if only he'd take a leaf out of Ms Toni's book, drop to his knees, and warble a song of praise to Herzl in Hebrew every now and then, we'd know where the bugger was really coming from, wouldn't we?

'At last,' we'd sigh, 'an honest Australian politician. A self-confessed, unabashed, fire-breathing  Zionist.'

He wouldn't even need to add the bit about having clean hands or not bribing anybody. The sheer, naked honesty of his performance, there in the House of Reps or out in front of the meeja, would make such a declaration entirely unnecessary. I mean, what could be more transparent than outing oneself as a member of the world's most bizarre cult in this manner?

How about it, Christopher?

But frankly, even if Christopher Pyne did a Loujaya Toni, he still wouldn't be fit to tie her bootlaces (or thonglaces as the case may be). After all, she's more than just your common & garden journalist, poet and singer - she's actually done something useful. She's come up with a cure for cancer! Dinkum:

"Among other things I am known for, being a naturopath since 2005 through my husband and I, our connection with the nation of Israel and its messianic Jewish community will come as a surprise to those who have known me personally. Since 2005, through our connection with the nation of Israel and its messianic Jewish community, James and Loujaya Toni have conducted fieldwork and created a product called TONIQ herbal formula bar which is said to cure cancer." (Herbal cure for cancer, Loujaya Toni,

Top that Christopher! That's what I call serving the community.

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Anonymous said...

Loujaya Toni seems to be an expert salesperson of all kinds of snake oil.

Perhaps when Australia held the post World War One League of Nations Mandate over P.N.G., like the Mandate Britain held over Palestine, the country could have been handed over to alien invaders, at the expense of the local population.

Do you get it now Lojaya Toni ?