Friday, July 27, 2012

The Sixth Eye

These are the two opening paragraphs of Fairfax scoop Intelligence world rocked by charge against Canadian:

"An alleged Canadian spy compromised Australian intelligence information in an espionage case that has sent shock waves through Western security agencies. The alleged sale of top secret intelligence to Russian agents by naval officer Jeffrey Paul Delisle has been the subject of high-level consultation between the Australian and Canadian governments and was discussed at a secret international conference of Western security agencies in New Zealand this year." (Philip Dorling, Sydney Morning Herald, 25/7/12)

OK, but what interested me most about Dorling's "exclusive" were these words:

"Sub-lieutenant Delisle worked at the Royal Canadian Navy's Trinity intelligence and communications centre at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Much of the information he allegedly sold was much more highly classified than the WikiLeaks cables and included top secret intelligence collected by the 'Five Eyes' intelligence community of the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand."

Only 5 eyes, Philip?

Not according to Israeli intelligence expert and Haaretz journalist, Yosi Melman:

"A third role [of Mossad] was to maintain secret, clandestine but very vital and useful contacts with its counterparts, whether it's... ASIO or... the CIA or...M16... And they have developed over the years very, very intimate relations, sharing information and... assessments and even, nowadays, going into the field, enjoying the operations in the war against global terrorism." (The Mossad, Rear Vision, 24/3/10)

You can read the full excerpt in my 28/3/10 post Up To Our Necks. See also my 29/5/10 post All the Way With Mossad?)

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