Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Greg Sheridan for Foreign Minister. NOW!

I'm so absolutely over-the-moon to know that Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, foreign editor of Murdoch's flagship The Australian, and (according to his website profile) Australia's most influential foreign affairs analyst, has become the go-to man for our foreign policy movers and shakers.

The remarkable thing, however, is that, despite his being to foreign affairs what the Pope is to the Catholic Church, it hasn't at all gone to his head - as it might say with a lesser individual such as his Fairfax counterpart, Peter Hartcher.

Truly, the man has the gentle, unassuming, even self-deprecating, manner of all genuine saintly figures: 

"Like a lot of journalists, I talk to politicians all the time and offer them the same views in private as I argue in public in my columns. I am certainly an equal opportunity know-it-all, happy to dispense what meagre wisdom I may possess to anyone wanting to lend me an ear. The Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, and his predecessor, Kevin Rudd, were both kind enough once or twice to seek out my views. Abott has done the same." (Shero no speechie, Strewth, The Australian, 30/7/12)

So modest! I reckon he has to leave his phone off the hook to find the time to write those amazing columns!

I can see him now, over at News Ltd, dispensing his unique brand of foreign policy wisdom (and more) to Bob, Kevin (no slouch in the sainthood department either) and Tony:

Israel? (Eyes aglow,  he shifts in his chair, muttering to himself: 'Be still my jutting trousers!')

The plucky country! 


Death cult!

The recent bombing in Bulgaria?

Hezbollah and/or Iran, of course.


Makes Bush look like a sissy.


On the ropes!


Here. There. Everywhere. Especially under the bed! 


Notorious boondoggle!


Stressful interrogation, you mean?

Israeli terrorism?

Fie on you! Only ever been one (1) case! Baruch Goldstein. Each and every Israeli condemned him. And... and... his deed of derring-do has never - repeat never - been repeated!


Terrorist funding pipeline!

World Vision?


Michael Danby? 

Knows more about the Middle East than any other politician, but not as much as me, of course. Would make a great foreign minister.


Stuff Danby! Why are we beating around the bush here? Sheridan for FM NOW!

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