Monday, October 22, 2012

Fearless Opinion at the Herald

Just look at this mealy-mouthed nonsense from Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald editorial about Australia's successful bid to win a seat on the UN Security Council:

"[T]he campaign has already helped dispel some of the outdated stereotypes of Australia through its exchange of visits between leaders and opinion makers... One stereotype is that we automatically fall into line with the US, particularly on Middle East issues, often only in the company of dependent micro-states such as Palau... The empirical evidence of our voting patterns may support these notions but Australian delegates also sit through tirades by Iran and others, without joining US walkouts." (Our two years at the top table of nations)

1) So where's the stereotype if "empirical evidence of our voting patterns" suggests otherwise?

2) While we may or may not "fall into line with the US, particularly on Middle East issues," whenever Israel comes under fire in the UN General Assembly, we almost invariably line up with the apartheid state, alongside the US and a motley crew of Pacific micro-states. (See my 23/12/10 post The Company We Keep.) This bizarre and unseemly group-hug with Israel on the floor of the General Assembly is no stereotype. It's a depressing fact of life in today's General Assembly.

3) What "tirades by Iran and others"? How would the Herald describe Netanyahu's performance in the General Assembly in September, a speech which began with the eye-rolling words "Three thousand years ago, King David reigned over the Jewish state in our eternal capital Jerusalem..." and climaxed with the rib-tickling "Let me show you. I brought a diagram for you?" (See my 2/10/12 post General Assembly Goes Grand Guignol.)


Anonymous said...

So Australian delegates "also sit through tirades by Iran and others, without joining US walkouts".

It seems that the Herald has conveniently forgotten the shameful incident at the international conference when distinguished and honourable Aboriginal leader Tom Calma refused to walk out of the meeting when the signal was given and was relentlessly attacked by uncle Tom figure Warren Mundine.

The signal, as it was widely reported at the time, was the first mention of the word Israel by Iran. It mattered not what was said, just the mention of the word Israel was enough. Those captive nations and their stooge representatives dutifully obliged.

Tom Calma was not phased and took it in his stride. Mundine only frothed and fumed.

Bravo Tom Calma.

MERC said...

Good point! Mundine was hosted by the Israelis in 2006 (NAB Yachad Scholarship Fund) and has never looked back.

The Herald's reference to 'US walkouts' is highly misleading. It should be USraeli walkouts.