Thursday, December 20, 2012

100 Years of Zionist Shit

To date the Palestinians have had to put up with almost 100 years of Zionist shit - literally

2012: "Waste water from an Israeli settlement has flowed into agricultural lands in a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank, a local official said Tuesday. Deir Istiya village mayor Nathmi Salman said waste pipes from Yaqir settlement are faulty and have flooded the village's land, causing the formation of waste water pools. The sewage is nearing the main water spring of the Qana Valley by Salfit, he said, noting that livestock drink from natural springs in the area. Salman said it was not the first time the village was contaminated by settlement waste, and charged Israeli authorities with procrastinating over fixing the sewage system. This environmental damage is ongoing, while Israel claims the land is considered a nature reserve, he added." (Mayor: Salfit village flooded by settlement sewage,, 18/7/12)

1922: "The drainage debacle in the Wadi'l-Joz is for us, and many others, very serious. The Administration is, of course, responsible. It accepted the money from the Zionist Commission and failed to carry the work through effectively. Like all work done for purposes of politics and propaganda, rather than for its own sake - work that is not strictly honest - it has been 'found out.' The best Moslem residential area in the city has now been flooded with the drainage of Meoscheorim, and a pool of liquid sewage lies, at the moment of writing, in the lovely valley between the Grand Mufti's house and ours. For us it will mean that we shall probably not be able to return to our house. The property owners, all Moslem, are very angry. They have sent in petition after petition and all have been ignored. But they will probably not have enough cohesion to bring the necessary pressure to bear upon the Administration. Had the situation been reversed and the drains of a Moslem slum voided into the best Jewish quarter there would have been such an outcry in Israel as would have moved Wall Street and Park Lane:

Benjamin, and Levy, Cohen, and Sassoon
Lewis, Mond, and Meinertzhagen moaning all in tune,
Franklin, Montefiore, and Harrari in between,
Isaacs, Fels, and Israeli baying at the moon,
Ladenburg, and Schlezinger, and Trier, and Duveen,
All the tribes in harmony from counter, pale, and dune -
Was such a sorrow ever known, or such a scandal seen!
Samuel, Schiff, and Rothschild twined in richer chords,
Mourning all together in a cry that is the Lord's
(A Palestine Notebook 1918-1923, CR Ashbee, 1923, pp 205-206)

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Anonymous said...

So the French ambassador who described Israel as a "shitty little country" was on the mark.

C.R. Ashbee sounds like an interesting fellow for serious students of Middle Eastern history,that's if real history is still studied.