Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zionist Indoctrination

Of course, the following incident is a mere blip in the now 64-year-old Zionist campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestine:

"A 15-year-old Arab boy was assaulted on Haim Bar-Lev Street in Jerusalem Monday evening. The police suspect he was attacked by several ultra-Orthodox youths. The boy sustained a head injury and was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. He is said to be in moderate condition... The assault is the latest in a wave of racist attacks disrupting Jerusalem over the past few months. In recent weeks, two Arab men... were the victims of hate crimes. Both suffered moderate wounds." (Hate crime? Arab teen attacked in J'lem, Noam Dvir,, 24/12/12)

But how revealing of the Zionist mindset are the first two comments on the thread which follows this Israeli report.

The first, from 'Sarah B, USA/Israel', reads:

"What are they doing in Jerusalem? What's wrong with Ramallah?"

Think about it. Here we have an American Jew, Sarah B, enabled by Israel's apartheid Law of Return (Jewish mum? No worries!) to claim not one but two homes - USA/Israel - laying down the law as to which part of Palestine an indigenous Palestinian should be living in.

The second is from 'Vlad', provenance unstated, but I'd guess Transylvania, wouldn't you? This guy's not only a cut above Sarah B ideologically but ever so witty into the bargain:

"Sarah, I hear Amman is even better than Ramallah."

Here's Transylvanian Vlad, channelling the spirit of the late American-Israeli Rabbi Meir (They Must Go!) Kahane, cracking a funny over expelling indigenous Palestinians to Jordan.

What can one say? There but for Zionist, or some other form of vile racist indoctrination, go you or I.

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