Monday, September 9, 2013

Foreign Policy Sophisticates

OMG! That Tony Abbott is sooo unsophisticated:

"We have a civil war going on in that benighted country between two pretty unsavoury sides. It is not goodies versus baddies, it is baddies versus baddies, and that is why it is very important that we don't make a very difficult situation worse." (Abbott calls for caution against Syria's 'baddies', Paul Maley & Rosie Lewis, The Australian, 2/9/13)

No, if it's foreign policy nouse you want, Bob Carr's your man:

"If the world doesn't respond in a way that's appropriate and proportionate, then other dictators will think that they can gas children." (G20: Australia leaves world's media puzzled over silence, AAP, The Guardian, 7/9/13)

Or even better, Kevin Rudd:

"If we hadn't done anything, as of 2 weeks ago, we'd be talking tonight about the butchery of Benghazi... and 700,000 people, big city, whack, Gaddafi up the middle of it, gone." (Q & A, 4/4/11)


Anonymous said...

I keep a glimmer of hope that the flippant attitude of the "man with Israeli genes" towards the massacring of the Syrian people was a cause of his demise. Can we hope that the Australian people retained a modicum of decency?

Anonymous said...

Haaretz is just wild about Tony;

"Israel regains staunch ally as opposition wins Australia election", 7 September 2013.

I have one question...just why is it OK for Haaretz to recall the significance of the events just days before the removal of Rudd but not others?

Political suicide for Rudd himself as confirmed by events and the identity of those who removed him in 2010 and now gloat at his electoral defeat.

"The news will welcomed by officials in [occupied] Jerusalem, who have EXPERIENCED turbulent diplomatic relations under Kevin Rudd, including the expulsion of an Israeli "agent" from its embassy in Canberra following the Dubai passports affair."

'Passports affair' is of course a euphemism for Israeli death squad murderers on the rampage, this time in Dubai.

Of course it is not true that the 'Australian' Zionists who surrendered their passports to the murderers in question have dual loyalties.

Clearly their loyalties rest entirely with the Bandit State.
Australia merely pays their pensions to live on illegally occupied land.

If I hear one more time that we live in a sovereign rule of law country I will be sick.