Friday, September 6, 2013

Whichever Bogan Wins, We Lose

This year's federal election comes down to a choice between Bunnings Man:

"In her heartfelt and humanising speech introducing her husband, [Therese] Rein told the story of the day she sent her husband to the hardware store to buy a mosquito candle. He came home with a visionary swag of home improvement items - everything from secateurs to to a step-ladder, Blu-Tac and Roman flares. And no mozzie candle." (Just when you knew it was too late, the visionary Rudd arrived, Jacqueline Maley, Sydney Morning Herald, 2/9/13)

Or Netball Dad:

"'Our dad is not just a politician... Tony Abbott is also a netball dad. Anecdotes followed about the Opposition Leader as a father, taking his 3 daughters... to netball games and barracking loudly from the sidelines. Mr Abbott thought netball was 'just another form of rugby', Frances joked." (Tony Abbott's daughters say he's no headkicker, just a daggy dad, David Wroe, Sydney Morning Herald, 26/8/13)

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