Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Do It!

Nobody over at News Ltd loves the smell of napalm in the morning more than Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, which, I guess, explains why he's so bloody pissed off with the Prez:

"Obama's Syrian operation has been a colossal cock-up... It was Obama himself who declared that the use of chemical weapons... by the Syrian government would constitute the crossing of a red line and there would be fearful consequences. Assad crossed the line and what Obama has provided subsequently is an elaborate policy of impotence... Obama cannot convince the UN Security Council, the US congress, the G20 or the American people that taking any action at all in response to the chemical weapons attack is a good idea. Of course he didn't really need to convince these audiences. If he truly believed it was necessary he should have just done it." (Obama's elaborate ballet of impotence, 12/9/13)

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Anonymous said...

Did Obama outmaneuvered AIPAC and the Zio-Neo-Cons in cahoots with the arch-villain Putin? One might be inclined to think so judging by the floods of bile spewed at those who cross the lines drawn by the Zio-Neo.