Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shorten Collars the Zionist Vote

"Among the good reasons for ALP members to vote for Bill Shorten in the current leadership contest, there are some relating particularly to Jewish concerns.

"Bill Shorten did significant work as education minister in securing better funding for our schools. He has always been a strong supporter of the US alliance, which many regard as the cornerstone of Australia's security. He has had a long association with the Jewish community and is a stalwart supporter of Israel, which he has visited several times. Last year he led a high-powered delegation of financial-sector executives to Israel, and had meetings with president Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Bill Shorten's support for Israel was in evidence last November when Bob Carr moved to roll Julia Gillard's backing of Israel and the US on a vote to give the Palestinians observer status at the UN. While Bill Shorten sided with Julia Gillard for Australia to vote for Israel and the US to reject this resolution, Anthony Albanese supported Bob Carr's initiative to bring about Australia's abstention.

"Under Shorten's leadership, we could be certain that Labor would continue to support Israel's right to defend itself, and oppose efforts to force Israel into premature concessions." (Letter from Professor Douglas Kirsner in The Australian Jewish News, 4/10/13)

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