Friday, October 4, 2013

Look Who's Talking

When Benjamin Netanyahu bangs on thus about Iran and its new president...

"Now here's a strategy to achieve this [nukes without sanctions]. First, smile a lot. Smiling never hurts. Second, pay lip service to peace, democracy and tolerance. Third, offer meaningless concessions in exchange for lifting sanctions. And fourth, and the most important, ensure that Iran retains sufficient nuclear material and sufficient nuclear infrastructure to race to the bomb at a time it chooses to do so. You know why Rohani thinks he can get away with this? I mean, this is a ruse. It's a ploy. Why does Rohani think he can get away with it? Because he's gotten away with it before, because his strategy of talking a lot and doing little has worked for him in the past... You see, Rohani thinks he can have his yellowcake and eat it too." (Transcript of Netanyahu's UN General Assembly speech, Haaretz, 1/10/13)

... you know you're dealing with the Freudian phenomenon of psychological projection, whereby the guilty party projects his own negative qualities onto others.

As the inimitable Circus Israel 'reported' back in 2009:

"PM Binyamin Netanyahu declared today that Israel will take Iran to court. Almost immediately after the Iranian regime recently agreed to discussions and inspections for its nuclear enrichment program, Israel's leaders began threatening to enforce the Jewish State's ownership rights over the combination of phony, time-consuming negotiations and irreversible facts on the ground. But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ignored Israel's demands and persisted with conciliatory gestures toward the '5+1 Group' and the International Atomic Energy Agency. By this morning, Israel's cabinet had lost patience. It instructed government attorneys to take action against Iran's flagrant infringement of Israel's internationally recognized copyright 'We wrote the book on 'Talk & Take', said Israel's insufferable Vice Prime Minister, Silvan Shalom. 'We put decades of R&D into this. The right balance of talking peace and absorbing what we want, the way we time and exaggerate our overtures and spin our expansions, one temporary step forward and ten permanent steps back. This's our work product. It belongs to the Jewish people.' Israeli officials are particularly upset that Ahmadinejad believes himself capable of managing a sophisticated 'Talk & Take program. 'That provincial fruitcake in a cheap windbreaker thinks he can play our game?' asked Moshe 'Boogie' Ya'alon, Israel's other - and equally unnecessary - Vice Prime Minister. 'When I see him making those monkey smiles and going all nicey-nice, it just makes my blood boil. Cut the crap and act like the psycho you really are. Wait'll our lawyers get done with him'." (Israel to defend copyright on bullshit negotiations*,, 11/10/09)

[You can read it all in my 23/10/10 post, Talk & Take.]

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