Friday, October 18, 2013

The MP Who Dares Not Speak His Name

So just who is this mysterious MP that dares not speak his name?

"One Labor MP said Ms Plibersek, elected as MP for Sydney in 1998, had come a long way since 2002 in her views on Israel, deciding she wanted to be a more pragmatic player. However, the MP said there were other caucus members who would be a better fit in the job [of shadow foreign affairs minister]. The MP singled out Richard Marles, who is seen as a strong candidate for a domestic portfolio." (Israel attack threatens Tanya Plibersek's choice of foreign affairs portfolio, Ben Packham, The Australian, 16/10/13)

Of course, I have absolutely no idea who he is, but having said that...

He'd have to be crazy about Israel:

"Well Michael Danby is a passionate supporter of Israel - Israel right or wrong. I describe Michael, who's a great friend of mine, as being a stronger Labor Zionist than Ben Gurion, the founder of the state of Israel himself." (Bob Carr speaking to Sabra Lane on Radio National's AM, 12/12/12)

He'd have to have an inordinate interest in getting the right kind of foreign minister:

"Bob Carr, Michael Danby has accused you of behaving in an unacceptable manner and he's used a Gough Whitlam phrase, 'acting like Tiberius on the telephone', organising the numbers against Julia Gillard." (ibid)

He'd have to be mates with Richard Marles:

"Former Trade Minister Richard Marles claimed flights to Labor MP Michael Danby's 2008 Parliamentary wedding but said he had other meetings in Canberra the next day." (Prime Minister Tony Abbott claimed over $10,000 for family travel in 2012, Gemma Jones & Jessica Marszalek,, 9/10/13)

And he'd have to have complete confidence that Marles has the best qualifications for the job: 

"The largest ever Australian parliamentary delegation to visit Israel will travel to Jerusalem in December. They will be part of a dialogue hosted by the privately funded Australia Israel Leadership Forum. Julia Gillard has given approval for 6 ministers and parliamentary secretaries to be part of the trip led by Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. They will be part of a record 17 members of the House of Representatives and Senate who will take part in the visit. The other Labor MPs are Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, Industry Minister Kim Carr, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Mike Kelly, Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs Richard Marles and MPs Michael Danby and Anthony Byrne. Bill Shorten, the Assistant Treasurer, is expected to join." (Record number of pollies for Israel, John Lyons, The Australian, 25/10/10)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but I can't applaud you for your great powers of deduction on this one. It is a no brainer.

Michael Danby MP is indeed 'CRAZY' about Israel.