Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A (Zionist) Night on the (Palestinian) Town

When fun-loving young Zionists go out on the (Palestinian) town, you can be sure of one thing - they are always dressed to kill.

This year, kippot and molotov cocktails are all the rage: 

"Take a good look at the photographs of the suspects in the new Jewish underground being taken into custody. Look at them grinning with their unruly, never-shaven beards and payot flowing from under the soup-bowl kippot. Seriously, they're rock stars. They don't give a damn what anyone thinks and they'll have a whale of a time in prison, emerging even bigger heroes. Once you've slipped the earthly bonds of mortal judgment, nothing can touch you. They (allegedly) burned mosques and churches and a home with a sleeping family inside, killing an 18-month-old baby boy, and now just look at them, blissfully happy. I bet you saw those photographs and felt a burning shame: how could Jews do such a thing? Don't they realize the harm they are doing all of us? The shanda, the hillul Hashem, desecration of God's name? This is what true Jews look like - Jews who don't care what you or anyone else thinks because they're true Jews exercising Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland. They're keeping it real." (True Judaism will kill us if we don't reject it in time, Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz, 6/8/15)

In 1948, however, the old Jewish underground wouldn't be seen dead in kippot and molotov cocktails. Back then, it was helmets and machetes:

"The [Irgun] gang was wearing country uniform, with helmets. All of them were young, some even adolescents, men and women, armed to the teeth: revolvers, machine-guns, hand grenades, and also large cutlasses in their hands, most of them still blood-stained. A beautiful young girl, with criminal eyes, showed me hers still dripping with blood; she displayed it like a trophy. This was the 'cleaning up' team, that was obviously performing its task very conscientiously." (Jacques de Reynier, Head of the delegation in Palestine of the International Red Cross in Palestine in 1948. See my 9/4/12 post Zionism Red in Tooth & Claw)

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