Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Made in Israel: America's Next War - Part 2

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Israel's Proxies and the Obama-Iran Nuclear Accord

"All the major US spy agencies, including the CIA, long ago concluded that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program. Its nuclear program has been proven to be limited to legal, internationally-sanctioned, peaceful civilian use. When the US intelligence establishment went 'off-script' and cleared Iran of a nuclear weapons program, Israel responded by brazenly assassinating five Iranian scientists and engineers, leaking faked evidence of a nuclear weapons program, and directing its US proxies to push the US toward greater economic sanctions. They escalated their media campaign, demonizing Iran, pushing for an economic and military blockade of Iran using the US naval forces in the Persian Gulf and its military bases in adjoining countries. Israeli officials want yet another US war for Israel along the lines of the Iraq invasion.

"With the recent change in the Iranian government leadership via democratic elections there have been serious serious expressions of greater flexibility with regard to inspections of its nuclear programs and facilities. At the same time, Washington has been confronted with multiple, escalating insurgent wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. This provides the context for President Obama's 'pivot' toward negotiations and diplomacy to secure an agreement with Iran and away from military confrontation.

"This has infuriated the Netanyahu regime. Its government leaders and agents met with the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations, leading Zionist Washington insiders like Dennis Ross, super-rich Zionist billionaires, and multiple delegations of notables, and told them to launch an all-out campaign to sabotage the Iran-US-England-France-Russia-China and Germany ('P5+1') nuclear agreement.

"The entire Zionist political apparatus immediately organized a multi-pronged, multi-million dollar campaign blitz to undermine the US President. The American (sic) Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) mobilized hundreds of its full-time functionaries, invading the US Congress with offers of all- expenses-paid junkets to Israel, political threats, campaign 'donation' enticements, and outright blackmail.

"Influential US Zionist Congress people joined the onslaught with their 'leader', the senator from Tel Aviv, Charles Schumer, accompanied by his fellow Zionist one-hundred percenters. Congress people like Steve Israel, Ted Deutsch, Eliot Engel and Nita Lowery. They have openly chosen to follow the dictates of the Israeli prime minister against their fellow Democrat, US President Obama. Schumer, who frequently boasts that his name derives from 'shomer Yisrael' (Israel's Guardian), flaunts his 'role in Washington' to serve Israel's interest. The unannounced (or undenounced) 'elephant in the room' is their primary loyalty to Israel over the US. The Democratic Congressional Zionists have joined hands with the Republican war-mongers - both in tow to militarists, Zionist billionaires and media moguls. The 52 Organizations brazenly announced a $40 million budget to fund an Israeli front group, 'Citizens for a Nuclear-Free Iran', to undermine President Obama's (and other members of the P5+1) push for diplomacy.

"Netanyahu's 'megaphones' in the US mass media spread his message in their daily reports and editorial pages. The Zionist power configuration ran roughshod over dissident Jewish voters and Congress people who dared to support Obama's Iran agreement - an agreement which has majority support of the war-weary US public and support from US scientists and Nobel Prize recipients.

"President Obama has finally counterattacked this campaign to undermine the agreement, calling attention to the fact that 'the same people who led us into the Iraq war are pushing us into war with Iran'. The President discreetly omitted identifying the Israeli links of 'the same people'.

"Obama understands that the alternative to the peace accord opposed by Israel and the Zionist-led US Congress members will be a devastating regional war, costing trillions of dollars in losses to the US economy, thousands of US lives and hundreds of thousands of wounded soldiers - not to speak of millions of Iranian casualties - and an environmental holocaust! While the Zionist power configuration saturates the airwaves with its unending lies and fear-mongering, each and every major city and community Jewish Confederation have sent their activists to plant stories and twist arms to sabotage the agreement.

"While many US intellectuals, liberals, progressives, and leftists support the US-Iran agreement (see the Scientists' Letter to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal, 8/8/15, with 29 top scholars and Nobel laureates supporting diplomacy), few would dare to identify and attack Israel's US proxies as they promote Tel Aviv's agenda pushing the US to war with Iran. A brief glance through the sectarian left press, for example, The Socialist Register, New Politics, New Left Review, finds no discussion of the powerful, well-financed, highly organized, elite-driven Israeli proxies and their role in determining US wars in the Middle East, and more specifically the war agenda toward Iran.


"The success or failure of the US-Iran nuclear agreement will have momentous, world-historic consequences that go far beyond the middle East. Obama is absolutely right to pose the question as one between a diplomatic accord or a large-scale, long-term devastating war. But war is what Israel, its leaders, its majority and its opposition parties are demanding and what its US proxies are pursuing.

"The basic question for all Americans is whether we will act as an independent, sovereign country pursuing peace through diplomacy, as we currently see unfolding with Iran and Cuba, or a submissive military instrument, directed by Israel's proxies, hell-bent on destroying America for Israel." (

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Anonymous said...

Israel's strategy of fighting to the last American and bankrupting America will not save it in the short term and doom it in the long.

The goose that lays the golden egg may well be kosher, but eating it is always fatal.