Friday, August 21, 2015

ABC: Absolute Bloody Crap

Seriously now, isn't life too short to waste on 8 hours of BBC (now on ABC television) crap like The Honourable Woman:

"[Hugo] Blick returns with this gripping Middle East thriller [setting] his story against the backdrop of government paranoia and espionage, chronicling the story of one woman's journey to right the wrongs of a past life. As a young girl, Anglo-Israeli Nessa Stein witnessed the assassination of her father by the armed wing of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Now in her late 30s, Nessa is at the forefront of the Middle East peace process. An independent entrepreneur, equal parts idealist and pragmatist, she has worked tirelessly to help cultivate an atmosphere of reconciliation between the Israelis and Palestinians..." (Intelligence serviced in Middle East thriller, Graeme Blundell, The Australian, 20/8/15)

Right the wrongs?

Anglo-Israeli means either that Nessa Stein calls England home, but has a weekender in Israel, or calls Israel home, but has a weekender in the Old Dart. Either way, as a Zionist colon, you'd have to say she's on a bloody good wicket.

And either way, Palestine's exiled indigenous Arab population, from which sprang the PLO, has neither home nor weekender.

I bet that's not the wrong she's setting out to right.

Then there's Mr Blick's Big Bad Palestinians.

Notice how its always the BBPs who manage to cause the problems, in this case by knocking off Daddy dear. Why would anyone want to assassinate him?  Such a sweetie.

But then that's what BBPs always do, right? Attack - forcing poor little Israel to defend itself.

And of course Nessa's bent on peace, like all Israelis, constantly making generous offers and painful compromises, only to be rejected at every turn. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

As for the occupation?

What occupation?

The right of return?

What right of return?

Seriously now, 8 hours?

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Vacy said...

I made myself sit through it curious to see how the inevitable bias against Palestinians played's there is bucket loads. Don't know who plays Nessa, but what a painful performance worthy of an anal pious soppy saint in a dreary hagiography. Hamas, surprise, is the big Arab bogey man and the only saving grace is most of the characters are dead by the end of the series.