Friday, June 16, 2017

A Greg Sheridan Update

Just to update you on the health of Australia's greatest intellectual, foremost foreign policy analyst, and egregious gentile Zionist (not to mention former MP Tony Abbott's trusty 'suppository of wisdom') Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan...

The thing is, contrary to my last report on the subject, it seems he still hasn't fully recovered from his recent attack of that current curse of the scribbling class, Corbynitis. For example:

Trump "has turned out to be not quite as bad as I had feared," but Corbyn (who's still on the UK parliament's opposition benches!) "is 100 times worse than Trump and in every possible sense completely unfit to be prime minister."

And this is apparently because he's "a longtime supporter of terrorists and dictators, a friend of the most extreme forces within British society," and, the fact that he "came so close," "shows how nearly deranged elements of Western politics are." (A revolution that could still end in a riot, The Australian,15/6/17)

Let me run that past you again, at least in part:

Corbyn is 100 times worse than Trump! 


You can see the great man's still got a way to go here. But rest assured, he is fighting back. Hope, as they say, springs eternal:

"So how come France is so different? Macron comes across as a bit prissy and has developed some annoying celebrity tics. But he is a mainstream and credible person [who] leads an apparently blameless life." (ibid)

So frenchy so chic so... mainstream...


Grappler said...

"shows how nearly deranged elements of Western politics are"

This is the new meme - democracy is giving us wrong answers! What next, you ask.

MERC said...

Shows how deranged elements of Western media are.

Vacy said...

Your creme de la creme sarcasm is delicious. Sheridan's diarrhoeal dim witting is a classic brown nose symptom... can't be cured. Poor old bugger.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but why hasn't this appeared in our msm?