Friday, June 30, 2017

The Saudi Sadat?

You know that love is in the air when the ZiOracle of Vaucluse, aka George Fishman, emits as follows:

"Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia could be a real game changer in the Middle East, in particular in the hostility that has dogged the region for seven decades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The crown prince is a no-nonsense businessman who admires and is on excellent terms with President Donald Trump. In forging a peace deal could this be the start of Trump's promise to get it done?" (Letter to The Australian, 24/6/17)

Nonsense here, of course, means rendering justice to the Palestinians.


Grappler said...

Off topic but see this, MERC.

Of course there's some sanitizing but it is better than the usual total silence on the lives of Palestinians. Sophie is improving.

MERC said...

My God yes. Devastating. Not even Dante could've dreamt up a hell like this.