Sunday, June 4, 2017

Palestinians are Suffering, But...

I've seen examples of clueless mainstream journalists taking evasive action when writing about the BRUTAL, OCCUPYING (50 years), APARTHEID (50 years) state of Israel, but what follows is not so much evasive action as BENDING OVER BACKWARDS AND THEN SOME:

"Israel has faced rockets and three wars with the Islamist movement Hamas in Gaza, whose members deny Israel's right to exist. Israelis endured two Palestinian uprisings, the second marked by suicide-bomb attacks against civilians. More recently there was a wave of knife and vehicular assaults. Thousands of Israelis have died in Palestinian attacks. That is why Israelis say they need walls and permits." (Mid East ironies, William Booth/ Sufian Taha, Washington Post/ Australian Financial Review, 2/6/17)

Mr Booth, if some THUG with a GOD COMPLEX had been standing on YOUR NECK, and worse, for the past 50 years, how would YOU have reacted?

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