Monday, February 12, 2018

Off the Top of Greg Sheridan's Head

In case you were wondering at Greg Sheridan's lengthy absence from the pages of The Australian, that rag's  foreign affairs editor has been on a junket to the Jaipur Literary Festival in Rajasthan. Here are some priceless thoughts by this notorious Israel luvvie on the subject of said event. Talk about off the top of his head!:

"The event is the brain child of that British lover of all things Indian, William Dalrymple, whose books about India are very good. When he strays beyond India, he's not so reliable." (The Forum, Weekend Australian Review, 10/2/218)

"The main festival site was overwhelming enough. There were nearly 20 000 people there on the day I participated in panels morning and night. I had run into the Indian politician, Shashi Tharoor, in Delhi a few days earlier. He is a kind of Indian Boris Johnson, immensely clever, flamboyant, probably too witty and humorous to be completely successful in mainstream politics, and he seems to write a new book every other month."

Truly, this goose isn't worthy to tie either Dalrymple's or Tharoor's bootstraps.


Grappler said...

Presumably this is an example of Dalrymple being "not so reliable" in Sheridan's eyes.

Grappler said...

Sheridan's Dictionary

Reliable: Giving us the message we want to hear