Tuesday, February 13, 2018

WAPO/SMH Portrays Israel as Innocent Bystander in Syria

"The Syrian war has seen no shortage of twists this year, but this weekend, it saw one of its most consequential. Despite its proximity, Israel has largely stood on the sidelines over the past seven years. Saturday's airstrike suggests it may soon end up sucked into a conflict that is looking increasingly chaotic." (Biggest step yet, but what's next, analysis, Adam Taylor, Washington Post/Sydney Morning Herald, 12/2/18)

Have you ever read such bullshit? Israel, which violates Syrian and Lebanese airspace regularly and routinely attacks what it calls 'Hezbollah supply convoys' in Syria, has "largely stood on the sidelines"? Seriously?

Now see how this WAPO hack, Adam Taylor, then contradicts himself:

"Still, Israel has conducted dozens of covert airstrikes against Hezbollah weapons convoys in Syria."

Moreover, that sentence is immediately preceded by this one:

"Israel has little reason to support the Islamic State or al-Qaida-aligned Islamist groups that became Syria's primary rivals."*

Can Taylor seriouly be unaware of the much publicised Israeli hospital which patches up jihadis operating in Syria?

Far out...

[*"A former leader of Syria's Al-Qaeda branch commended Israel for striking Syria on Saturday, after the Assad regime shot down an Israeli F-161 fighter jet." (Al Qaeda leader praises Israeli strike on Syria, israelnationalnews.com, 2/11/18)]

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Anonymous said...

Israel incessantly claims victim status, and lays blame elsewhere for its unabated destabilision and immoral/illegal warfare against its Arab neighbours. Worse than that, however, is that it continually escapes real scrutiny in the MSM.