Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Neither Forgotten Nor Forgiven

Words such as 'mealy-mouthed', 'circumlocution', and 'prevarication', hardly begin to do justice to this appalling sentence:

"Prince William is visiting a region where three decades of British rule between the two world wars helped establish some of the fault lines of today's Israeli-Palestinian conflict." (Prince on 'delicate' tour of fault lines, AP, agencies/Sydney Morning Herald, 26/6/18)

Helped? Some? You're joking.

The simple fact of the matter is that there were no "fault lines in Palestine" in 1917 when the British issued the Balfour Declaration. The British, without help from anyone else, created them by flooding the country with fanatical Zionist colonisers from eastern Europe, bent on turning the place into a Jews-only, utopian state. Britain, and Britain alone, is responsible for creating today's 100-year-old Palestine problem. It was an own goal.

Britain's exclusive role in laying the foundations for the dispossession of the Palestinian Arab people should never be forgotten. Nor forgiven.

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