Thursday, June 28, 2018

Who Funds Parliamentary Junkets to Israel?

From the introduction to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute's (ASPI) latest report Who funds federal parliamentarians' overseas travel? An analysis of non-Australian government funded parliamentary travel between 2010 and 2018:

"During the nearly 8-year period covered by this report, Israel, China and the USA were the top 3 destinations for parliamentarians sponsored by non-Australian Government entities. The top non-Australian Government sponsor for parliamentarians travelling to Israel was the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC)... According to the disclosures made in the federal parliamentary Registers of Interest... federal parliamentarians received 102 sponsored trips to Israel, 63 to China, and 49 to the USA where the costs were paid for by non-Australian Government sponsors. The report counted two 'types' of trips - flights and accommodation; and accommodation only. The vast majority of all trips were flights and accommodation."

In brief, Israel is the number 1 travel junket for clueless, unprincipled Australian politicians, and it's overwhelmingly on the Israel lobby's (tax-exempt?) dime. Maybe the next ASPI report could focus on what the lobby gets in return for their money. Wouldn't that be interesting?


Anonymous said...

The gutless ABC didn't bother to mention this, preferring to focus on Huawei

Anonymous said...

Just shy of 50% of these trips to Israel? No mention in MSM? No justification for why Israel is such a vital destination for our Australian Pollies? China, due to trade imperatives, and US, begrudgingly, due to military ties. But Israel? This is a can of worms that needs investigating.

Grappler said...

"This is a can of worms that needs investigating." Don't hold your breath. Neither of the major parties this issue aired - too many skeletons in the cuphoard and it would turn off rich donors. However, here is an interesting article that may result in some pushback if true.

Note that the first in the countries listed as "non-trusted intelligence powers with ties to the White House" is Israel.

Anonymous said...

Why do they do it? Well, it’s a free holiday. They get paid to see the world, they get wined and dined, and they get treated like they’re important.