Monday, August 6, 2018

Is the US Certifiably Mad?

Have Americans been watching too many Hollywood movies? Forget angels, alien abductions, and Armageddon, and cop a load of this:

"On Tuesday evening, the dark recesses of the internet lit up with talk of politics. 'Tampa rally, live coverage,' wrote 'Dan', posting a link to US President Donald Trump's Tampa speech in a thread on Schan, an anonymous image board also known as Infinitechan... which might best be described as the unglued twin of better-known 4chan, a message board already untethered from reality.

"The thread invited 'requests to Q', an anonymous leader claiming to be a government agent with top security clearance, waging war against the so-called 'deep state' in service to the 45th President. Q feeds disciples, known as bakers, clues so that they can 'bake' their understanding of the 'storm', a term drawn from Trump's cryptic reference to 'the calm before the storm' last year. The storm being the President's final conquest over elites, globalists and deep-state saboteurs. [...]

"Press reports are dismissed as 'Operation Mockingbird', the name given to the alleged mid-century infiltration of the American media by the CIA. The Illuminati loom large in QAnon. As do the Rothschilds, a wealthy Jewish family vilified by the conspiracy theorists as the leaders of a satanic cult. Among the world leaders wise to satanic influences, the theory holds, is Russian President Vladimir Putin. QAnon flirts with eschatology, fascist philosophy and the filmmaking of Francis Ford Coppola. Adherents believe a 'Great Awakening' will precede the final storm foretold by Trump. Once they make sense of the information dripped by Q, they will usher in a Christian revival presaging total victory." (President's alternative reality show, Isaac Stanley-Becker, The Washington Post/ Sydney Morning Herald, 3/8/18)


Grappler said...

It is good to see that SMH is sinking further into the swamp of fake news. This is a non-story about a phenomenon that has long existed in the US - go in any supermarket there and read the headlines in the magazines at the check-out. At least this kind of article will do a little more to persuade the more discerning of its readers to look elsewhere for their news.

MERC said...

After a little guidance from Q, of course.