Tuesday, August 7, 2018


An example of how the bullying power of Australia's Israel lobby still fails to register with our media pundits - in this case Crikey.com's Helen Razer:

"First, The Australian joyously reported the decision of the Brisbane Writers' Festival to 'disinvite' participants Bob Carr and Germaine Greer. This must have been as cultural Cialis to our friends who love little more than to decry the intellectual stasis and censorship of the 'Left'. It was only irritating to me because the report contained no reason for the expulsion of Bob Carr. Greer, we know, is regularly 'no platformed' and perhaps this Milo-style anti-marketing works quite well for her. But Carr? I've flicked through his new book and found no offence equal to eviction - if you've heard he's got all Malthusian on the matter of population control, he hasn't. We can only suppose it's his tolerance of China or intolerance of Israel that has ticked off some sponsor. Goodness, I'd love to know." (Razer: Richard Flanagan longs for an intellectual past that is purely fictional, 31/7/18)

Perhaps if, instead of merely "flicking through" Carr's memoir, Run for Your Life, Razer had actually read the chapter 'Me & 'the Lobby', the penny might have dropped.


Grappler said...

OK - I succumbed. I bought the book - to be added to the large pile of books to be read - many at your recommendation, MERC. I discovered a book by Ms Razer that also looked interesting. I'm surprised that someone with her background wouldn't get it. But she may have to play by Crikey's rules. On the other hand, I meet many people who claim to be politically aware but whose understanding of the I/P issue is totally conditioned by the Australian corporate media.

MERC said...

The self-censoring, spineless, abysmally ignorant msm is probably more to blame for this state of affairs than our opportunistic politicians. John Lyons has been the head of investigative reporting at the ABC for some time now, but when, if ever, are we going to see a 4 Corners doco on Palestine? Although Philip Adams has been on the ABC's RN for as long as I can remember, he has never done the issue justice - to the point where, IMO, a student of communications, say, could use him as a classic example of the P/I blindspot or PEP phenomenon in a thesis.

Grappler said...

Absolutely! Philip Adams epitomizes PEP. Before I gave up listening to LNL, he would regularly have Israeli government and close to government staff on LNL telling Australian (small ell) liberal intelligentsia how things were in the ME: how Israel was only too willing to have peace negotiations but had "no partner for peace". I wonder if there is anyone left who believes that BS now.