Friday, March 20, 2009

Australia Bats for Israel in the UN

Israel and its 5th columns in the US, Canada, Australia, and the European Union must be pleased with themselves. Their lengthy smear campaign, labelling the April 20-24 United Nations World Conference Against Racism in Geneva (or Durban II) as a potential anti-Semitic hatefest, has finally paid off, with references in the draft resolution to Israel as an occupying power that carries out racist policies being dropped.

Yours Truly appears to have played a major role - but you wouldn't have read about it in the mainstream Australian press:

"Australia threatened on Thursday [12/3] to withdraw from a UN conference on racism next month unless the wording of a document it considers anti-Semitic is dropped... 'If we form the view that the text is going to lead to nothing more than an anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic harangue... Australia will not be in attendance', Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told parliament." (Australia threatens to quit Durban 2 anti-racism meet, Reuters, Haaretz, 12/3/09)

"The latest draft resolution... omits any reference to the Middle East conflict... Israel and Canada said they would boycott this year's meeting... The US and Italy have also vowed not to attend unless countries commit to a balanced declaration. The European Union and Australia have threatened to follow suit unless Muslim countries backed down." (Criticism of Israel dropped from Durban II draft resolution, AP, Haaretz, 17/3/09)

Presumably, the Ruddies are now officially of the view that calling an occupying power an occupying power and racist policies racist is 'anti-Semitic'. The fraying thread tethering them to some semblance of reality has, it seems, all but snapped.

But we shouldn't be surprised. After all, as Rudd himslf has declared, 'Support for Israel is in my DNA'.

Nor should we be surprised that Israel still isn't satisfied: "A senior Foreign Ministry source said Wednesday that Israel rejects the latest draft of the closing statement for the 'Durban 2' anti-racism conference, despite revisions aimed at dropping direct criticism of Israel. While all direct references to Israel and the Israel-Palestinian conflict have been removed in an attempt to keep the European Union from boycotting, it still implicitly singles out Israel. 'The first clause in the new document reaffirms the declaration of 'Durban I', which calls Israel a racist state...' " (Israel rejects revised draft of Durban II statement, Barak Ravid, Haaretz, 18/3/09)

In summary, the racist, occupying power which has given the finger to more UN resolutions than any other nation on earth, which had chosen long ago to boycott the conference, and which has been sniping at it from the sidelines ever since, is now insisting on dictating the terms of a draft UN document that doesn't even mention it. And this monumental chutzpah will no doubt continue to have the backing of the Rudd government.

POSTSCRIPT: The Lobby's little helpers in the Senate: Judith Troeth (Lib), David Feeney (Lab), and Steve Fielding (Family First) all spoke out this week in the Senate (prior to the revised draft) calling on the government to boycott Durban II. (Still no Australian decision despite Durban draft change, The Australian Jewish News, 20/3/09)


Anonymous said...

I think it is useless to use words like racist against such a media-savvy movement. The spinners turn the word around to become the victims.

More useful would be to highlight specific laws and highlight them. For example, non-Jewish Israelis are free to marry non-Israelis, but cannot bring their spouses to live in Israel.

Issues like this need to be raised one by one, so that the public is educated about the reality. The stories need to be about people with names and dreams, just like us, and just like every Israeli victim we meet on TV, so that we can put ourselves in their shoes.

The pro-zionist spin factory wants the argument to be reduced to 'racism' so that they keep the facts out of the public's view.

Anonymous said...

Yours Truly appears to have played a major role - but you wouldn't have read about it in the mainstream Australian press:

your truly---- HUh??

MERC said...

And your point is?

Anonymous said...

who's yours truly ?

MERC said...


Anonymous said...

so which is your country, Lebanon, Iraq,Palestinian Terrortories??

MERC said...

Does your train of thought have a sleeper carriage?

Anonymous said...

good one

anon2 said...

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society urges attendance,
noting that:
. . . only six of the 341 paragraphs on Durban 1 singled out Israel, while there was also a resolution stating that the Holocaust “must never be forgotten”.