Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't Mention the War Criminal

The Australian's obsession with a certain terror state is never far below the surface. Consider this bizarre mini editorial in today's issue: "What are they putting in the water at ABC TV's Lateline program? On Monday night, compere Tony Jones hosted a discussion about a social issue that interests average Australians. And there was not one mention of our crimes against the environment, or the travails of the transgendered, as author Bettina Arndt discussed her research on sexless marriages... It made a change from the program's usual idea of a bedtime treat - denouncing Israel for everything." (Lateline for Lovers)


Anonymous said...

When we hear that terrorists yet again have caused death havoc and destruction does the average Aussie first think that these terrorists are
a/ Israelis
b/ Buddhists
c/ Hindus
d / religion of Peace

No doubt we will hear from merc that the religion of peace terrorists would not have tried to murder the Sri lankin Cricket team and their Australian personal if not for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, it's those Zionists Merc will cry!

MERC said...

Hm, "average Aussie" eh? You troll this blog. Perhaps you missed Blight Unto the Nations (16/2/09). Check out what the majority of Australians are thinking about the object of your worship.