Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Can It Be?

I think we need a campaign to draft Charles 'Chas' Freeman (see previous post) to replace both United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and ABC Radio National's Tony Eastley, neither of whom seem willing or able to recognise a Zionist lobby when it hits them in the face. You too might agree once you read this exchange between them on yesterday's AM program. Talk about the proverbial elephant in the room...

TE: One of our opposition MPs has called [the UN World Conference on Racism aka Durban II] a 'hate-fest', a term which seems to have caught on amongst those people who want to boycott the conference. What would you say about that sort of description as regards this conference in Geneva?
NP: I'm very unhappy about that description.
TE: How did it catch on so quickly?
NP: It's not 'quickly'. I think that, since the last conference [in 2001], there's been a sustained propaganda campaign against the World Conference...
TE: Who's pushing the campaign?
NP: Who is?
TE: Yes, who's pushing this campaign, this rhetoric if you like.
NP: Well I don't know. I just read very many articles and letters, including in the Australian media, and they all carry the same terminology - 'hate-fest'. They carry the same misrepresentation such as saying that Libya, Cuba and Iran are the vice-chairs when there are 19 vice-chairs and a committee of 20 member states. So I can't tell you exactly who the lobby is. I can just pick out that it seems to be one source putting out this wrong information and labelling this review conference as a 'hate-fest'.


anon2 said...

I guess you got this one where Smith is saying that Australia now might not attend:

Anonymous said...


you guys are a joke!

MERC said...

Relevance? Sorry, you don't do relevance, do you? But you do do - what does Chas call it? - oh yes, "selective misquotation."

"In 2007, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Fatah or Hamas exceeded for the first time the number of Palestinians killed in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces [according to] Gaza's Palestinian Centre for Human Rights." That's 2007 & Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

Now chew on this: "In Palestine, 2 underground Jewish organizations, the Irgun and the Stern Gang... had begun to pursue a campaign of assassination against British Mandate officials and soldiers, hoping thereby to drive the British out of Palestine. They also killed fellow Jews who sought actively to oppose them. Of the 42 people assassinated by the Stern Gang, more than half were Jews." (Churchill & the Jews, Martin Gilbert, p 221)

Anonymous said...

Merc time to to let the past go and stop looking for selective comparisons to try and suit your arguments.

The facts are the fact more Palestinians have been killed by each other than by Jews, bottom line.
Secondly stop comparing the irgun & stern gang to the Islamic terrorists like Hamas , Hezbollah , Islamic Jihad,al quaida , JI and all the other Muslim Franchises.

If you are looking for a compassion maybe the IRA or ETA but unlike the Palestinian terrorists the Jews didn't take their fight with the British to the streets of London, they didn't target British citizens worldwide and Jews who lived outside of Israel didn't secretly plan to murder their hosts like the Muslim terrorists and their local brothers do.

The Stern Gang and irgun didn't take their fight with the Arabs out side of the immediate battle ground of Palestine so lets compare apples with apples.

Alex said...

I hope Anonymous 3:11PM gets intergestion MERC !

MERC said...

Anon, what a hoot - a Zionist advising me to let go of the past! How cute!

Three points: 1)Your sentence about "the facts" concludes with a factoid. 2)Do you stand by your claim that "the Jews" didn't take their fight to to the UK? A simple yes/no will do. 3)Re the Irgun and Sternists attacking Palestinian Arabs in Palestine only, true - but only because the latter weren't driven out of Palestine until 1948.