Monday, March 2, 2009

Lobby Says No

Here's another example (see my previous post) of the malign influence of an Israel lobby on the Middle East policy of a supposedly independent state, this time the United States.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently in Palestine/Israel talking to All & Sundry about humanitarian assistance to Gaza. All & Sundry, that is, except Hamas, the democratically elected Palestinian government. Why not? Lobby says no.

She's just been joined by US Middle East envoy George Mitchell who's on his second tour of talking to All & Sundry. All & Sundry, that is, except Hamas. Why not? Silly question.

As the ms press drily notes: "... neither Mr Mitchell nor Mrs Clinton appear to have come up with new ideas." (Eyes on Clinton for Middle East strategy, Glen Kessler, The Washington Post/Sydney Morning Herald)

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