Monday, July 20, 2009

Having It Both Ways at The Australian

"When the people who planned the [Jakarta hotel] bombings are captured, they will most likely take their lines from bin Laden and talk about American imperialism and the way the West dishonours Islam. The Bali bombers dressed up their motives in religious rhetoric at their trials, condemning Western decadence, claiming Australians, Americans and Jews - it is always the Jews - are oppressing Muslims." (Editorial: The terrorists know they will never win, The Australian, 18/7/09)

"Another barbaric terror attack in Indonesia - presumably by Islamists - and not an American or Israeli in sight." (Letter from Michael Burd, Toorak, Vic in The Australian, 20/7/09)

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nindee said...

Deepest condolences.
Garth McEvoy was my husband's colleague. And like any other terrorist attacks, the victim could be any one. Those coward bomber, they have no religion. They're just terrorists and useful idiots.