Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Idea

As it happened, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan found himself on a long-haul flight to Israel recently: "For the first leg of the journey I had a book on Iran by my side, but I found the airline has new, big screens in business class (a rare luxury) and a huge library of recent and classic films on offer." (Aloft with the seductions of sloth, The Australian, 25/7/09)

You can guess what happened next. Fast forward to final paragraph: "The book on Iran had to wait for a long time... And when I finally did open a book about the Middle East on this journey, I found myself seduced by a 40-year-old Morris West thriller, The Tower of Babel, a rattling good read, rather than anything more scholarly." (ibid)

No wonder he's got no idea.

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