Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lame As

Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan in praise of DPM Julia Gillard: "Gillard's outlook on... international relations generally has matured and deepened enormously over the past few years." (Gillard prime ministerial material in Israel, The Australian, 25/6/09)

Julia Gillard, on the ABC's Radio National, displaying her alleged enormously matured and deepened outlook on international relations:-

Geraldine Doogue: Now Minister Gillard, you've just returned from Israel and the Middle East. You're known for a bit of a forensic mind yourself. I wonder - if you were trying to sit there solving those issues, what would be your top priority seeing what you just have?
Gillard (embarrassed laugh): Well I may have to defer to the great and the good like Tony Blair who are working on these problems, but having just been to the Middle East, it seems to me that there is good will on both sides, both the Israeli and Palestinian side. I think the parties need to sit down and negotiate issues that have been identified in earlier peace processes. They of course go to having a separate state for the Palestinian people, its borders, its government's arrangements, and the way in which Israel and that new state will work together. (Breakfast, 1/7/09)

It doesn't get much lamer than that.

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