Friday, July 17, 2009

Zionists Say the Darndest Things

Still crazy after all these years:

"I believed that if we crave life in the Mideast arena, we have to sometimes just 'go crazy'." Former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz speaking on the third anniversary of Israel's 2006 rampage in Lebanon (Halutz: Sometimes you just have to 'go crazy',, 12/7/09)

Narcissism on steroids:

"There are now many Iraqis embedded with US forces in Kirkuk. In the dining hall on the main base, I like to watch the Iraqi officers watching the melting pot of US soldiers around them - men, women, blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics - and wonder: What have they learned from us? We left some shameful legacies here of torture and Abu Ghraib, but we also left a million acts of kindness and a profound example of how much people of different backgrounds can accomplish when they work together." New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (Goodbye Iraq, and good luck, 15/7/09)

It's us & them:

"Me? Brute force? I thought I was actually sensitive. In national and international issues, force is also a language. But I do not like wars between Jews. I prefer to direct the brute-force energies within me at the goyim." Netanyahu's National Security Adviser Uzi Arad (There is no Palestinian Sadat, no Palestinian Mandela, Haaretz, Ari Shavit, 16/7/09)

In your dreams:

"[P]ossibly someone might come along and say 'I am an engineer of events; the depth doesn't interest me - I am going to produce an event'. And within 3 years - presto - 4 Annapolises, 2 disengagements, global pyrotechnics. And then, suddenly, in 2015, there is a Palestinian state. Stamps, parades, carnival. That could happen. A fragile structure, yes; an arrangement resting wholly on wobbly foundations. But it could happen. There could be a Palestinian state." (ibid)

It's Dr Strangelove all over again:

"[Herman] Kahn is the original Dr Strangelove. He was a Jewish-American genius who was a salient nuclear hawk and dealt with the planning and feasability of nuclear wars... He attracted a group of devotees of whom I was one in the 1970s... Like Kahn, I was one of the hawks. One of my projects was a paper for the Pentagon on planning a limited nuclear war in Central Europe." (ibid)

Only the lonely:

"We are always alone. Sometimes we have partners and lovers and donors of money, but no one is in our shoes." (ibid)

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